A set of Christmas toys “Glory of Ukraine”

Christmas tree toys are not always just glass or plastic balls. As it is known for a long time in Ukraine, Christmas toys were made of straw, colored ribbons, wood, paper, cardboard and even foil.

We offer you an original gift set of Christmas toys “Glory of Ukraine” from absolutely environmentally friendly materials – alder plywood of Ukrainian origin.

The set of “Glory of Ukraine” contains 16 original Christmas-tree toys made with the help of laser cutting. All toys are completely different. The diameter of each toy is 10cm.

The gift box has a size of 22 * ​​26 * 4cm. On top of the box, the herringbone and the inscription “З Новим роком!” Are printed on the box with a laser engraving method. On the reverse side, also a method of engraving on a laser machine, a short history of making toys in Ukraine is made.

You can make toys with your logo, name, etc. or the application of the logo on the box by laser cutting or engraving.

This set is completely manufactured in our production in Kiev.

For wholesale and corporate customers – special prices and conditions.

We send the carriers across Ukraine.

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