What is acrylite?

The term acrylite (akrilight) comes from a combination of the concepts akril – acrylic and light – light, backlight

Acrylate is a light sign, a sheet of acrylic plastic with an end illumination. Basis – acrylic (plexiglass) transparent 4-15mm thick (depending on the size, because the thicker the plastic, the more light it will miss and the glow will be brighter). The graphic image on the acrylic panel is applied to the acrylic on the back side by the method of mechanical milling or laser engraving, it is also possible to print a silk screen or UV print, but the latter method is less preferable and is suitable only for small dimensions. The seal does not penetrate the inside of the plastic and when the backlight is on, the effect is much less. After milling, the ends of acrylic need to be polished with a flame or a diamond circle, or laser cutting, so that in the future they can be lighted with fluorescent lights or diodes.

The backlight is produced from one or several sides by fluorescent lamps or LEDs. The ends that do not light up should also be polished and afterwards polished with a self-adhesive film – this will not allow the light to leave the plane of the acrilight, it will reflect and return, eventually the glow will be higher. Transparent plastic, on one side of which an inscription or a picture is engraved, with end illumination creates the illusion of hanging in the air, self-luminous letters and elements. The light on the plate evenly diverges with the help of the profile into which acrylic is fixed. The effect can be intensified using a colored oracle or a laser-cut colored acrylic.

Acrylates can be desktop (profile is attached from below, glow occurs from below), wall (profile is attached from above, glow comes from above). Backlighting can be of different shades: white, blue, red and changing from red to green and blue RGB.

Application of acrylate:

means of image advertising;
informative index;
explanatory inscription.
Acrylic is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular elements of interior design for nightlife, cafes, restaurants, hotels, airports and shops, as well as effective pointing systems and explanatory inscriptions.

Advantages of acrylates:

– an unusual refined, decorative look;

– Compact size;

– relative cheapness of manufacture;

– durability;

– the possibility of outdoor and indoor use.

On our own production base we carry out a full range of work on the production of acrylates.

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