Application of laser engraving for decoration of animal charms

Engraving on the address book for the animal – the ability to return to the loss

An animal living in a house, eventually becomes a member of the family, and its loss is a real tragedy for all domestic people. Given that the animal can not speak and can not explain where it lives, the burden of guilt becomes even more difficult. That the person who has found your pet, could identify it and return home, it is necessary to take care of it in advance. You can make a animal address book from any material – leather, wood, metal, plastic. On such a keychain they put information about a pet. Laser engraving on a medallion is distinctive, resistant to external influences and durability.

What information should I include on the key fob for my pet

A small token, worn on a collar, can contain the necessary data about the animal, address and even a photo. Usually on one side tags are nicknamed the pet, on the other – the owner’s contacts, a request to return a friend home, information about the reward. Figured plate in the form of a bone, paw, heart, star, medal or regular polygon will become a reliable identification mark. And medallion with laser engraving can be a wonderful gift for a four-footed friend and his adornment.

The advantages of laser engraving on the pet’s address book

Addressers differ in size and are matched depending on the growth of the animal. The drawing is done by a thin beam, controlled by a computer, so it turns out very accurate even on the smallest suspension . The quality of the inscriptions applied by the laser is much higher in comparison with mechanical engraving. Changing the processing parameters, you can achieve different depths of relief and unusual visual effects. Engraving with a laser keychain guarantees excellent readability of the text, clarity of the applied image and resistance to abrasion even in the most active domestic pet.

Engraving of key rings for animals on a laser CNC machine in Kiev

You can order laser engraving on your pet’s addressee in Kiev PorezkiNet. Our manager, who is easily contacted by calling ☎ 0676695967, will answer all your questions and help you decide with the choice of shape, size key fob and the contents of the inscription. We will quickly and accurately carry out your individual order, specifying personal data and other useful information to which you attach importance. If you could not figure out the text or image, our employees are ready to help you in this matter. A ready token combines an aesthetic component and practicality. This useful device containing important information will allow your pet to return home as soon as possible.

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