Bending of plastics

We produce bending of plastics on an automatic bending machine at a production base in Kiev. The machine allows you to bend several products at a time (up to 25), which allows you to significantly reduce the time of execution of orders, in comparison with the traditional method – on the string.

Usually for bending, acrylic is used after laser cutting, but it is possible to use a wide range of plastics (San, polystyrene, PET, PVC, polycarbonate, etc.).

With the help of bending, a number of products are produced:

– price lists;

– supports for mobile phones and other equipment;

– storage room doors;

– stands for advertising products of different formats, under the flyer;

– coasters for business cards, napkins;

– windows (doors) for presenting food products in supermarkets;

– Menu stands, Holders;

– POP and POS products;

– holders for jewelry;

– Various holders (holders) under the menu, prices, etc .;
– pockets for information stands, etc.

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