Boxes for phones – an innovative idea of Ireland

Modern cinema is full of films about the virtual world, parallel reality and artificial intelligence. We are happy to watch these films, and we are also diving deeper into the Internet. Especially contributes to this huge number of various gadgets and improving the quality of Internet services, which are available almost everywhere in the world. It is unfortunate that sometimes we prefer virtual communication in the “online” mode to real, live communication. More than once we see the situation when a company comes to a cafe, a bar or a restaurant – they make an order and …. everyone is looking into your phone or tablet. Some establishments left the situation by removing Wi-Fi from free access, and some went further and created special boxes for phones.

Boxes for phones, appeared a few years ago in an Irish pub, and now spread throughout Ireland. The box has the appearance of a massive closing glass box into which the visitors of the institution fold their phones with displays outside, that is, visitors have the opportunity to see calls and incoming messages. The truth in Ireland is another rule – you can not touch phones, who will take the phone first, and he pays the whole order J

Our company will be pleased to help you make phone boxes for your institution, and maybe become their first testers. Boxes can be made by composing various materials: glass, plexiglas, wood, metal, leather, composite, plastics of different colors; can be done with or without illumination; apply an engraving or make an application from a self-adhesive film. Boxes for phones can become both additional advertising of your institution, and a carrier of advertising inside the institution.

So, who will be the first to realize this idea in our country?

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