What is branding? What is the purpose of branding?

An integral condition for the successful operation of any brand is the observance of the corporate style – the visual and semantic unity of the image of the company. Elements of corporate identity are: product name, logo, trademark, service mark, brand name, brand colors, slogan, style and colors of the employees’ clothing, and other intellectual property objects belonging to the organization.

If we are talking about the integrated concept of a brand – as an image associated with a product, service or company – it is important to consider all aspects of the formation of such an image. In the process of communication between the provider / producer and the consumer / client, all channels of perception are involved – visual, auditory, kinesthetic. Therefore, with a full-fledged integrated approach to branding, they also talk about branded sound design (musical logo, brand melody), kinesthetic design (aroma-signature, aroma-marketing, texturing of packaging or small print products and similar alternative marketing forms).

The highest quality branding – working smoothly on all channels of communication and perception, with clearly formulated single target associations and consumer reactions.

Branding in the narrow sense of promotion to the market of trademarks is made by various methods: printing, embroidery, laser cutting and engraving, thermo-transfer technologies, embossing, outdoor advertising, advertising in the media.

Branding is an expensive and elite type of advertising, but the return on branding is also great, since this type of advertising allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of the brand and convey the emotional component of the brand.

We have experience in the implementation of branding institutions for various brands. In particular – the branding of elite bars and restaurants, as well as stadiums for the TM Hortitsa brand.

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