Business cards from plywood and wood

The most commonly used material for making business cards is paper. Business cards from paper have long ago become classics. But in order to get away from the templates and be more memorable, it is necessary to show originality, even when making a business card. It is the visiting card that will be one of the first ways to determine the image and significance of each individual person or even the whole company. One of the most interesting ways is making business cards from wood, veneer or plywood. Actually, the very first business cards, which were discovered during excavations in China, were wooden plates measuring 21.5 × 6.5 cm.

A business card made of wood can become a small work of art, which will be remembered for a long time and will not get lost in your pockets. They can be strict and concise, but at the same time will make an indelible impression on the interlocutor. In addition, these business cards keep their presentable appearance for a long time – after all, they do not crumple, do not wipe away and retain a special smell of wood.

Most business cards are made of veneer and various types of plywood, thickness, 2,3,4 mm. Business cards made from veneer will be more expensive, but will also have a more solid look accordingly. And business cards made of plywood are famous for their durability and durability, in addition, the thickness of 3-4 mm of this business card already allows the application of 3D engraving. A significant selection of colors and texture of the surface of the tree, will help make business cards even more diverse.

Modern laser equipment can make an easy, fast and accurate business card made of wood of any size or shape. With the help of laser engraving on the surface of the card, the necessary information, a logo and even a photograph are applied. In addition, the laser beam allows cutting out through patterns inside the business card itself.

Business cards made of wood are especially suitable for companies manufacturing furniture, various packaging materials, construction companies and necessarily – creative and creative people.

Our company has modern equipment that can quickly and accurately produce business cards from any material you need. If necessary, the designer will help with the design of the layout, in accordance with your field of activity. The cost of the order will depend on the print run and the complexity of the work.

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