Caring for wooden utensils, wooden boards for feeding food and cutting boards

The wood utensils are ecologically clean, strong and strong, but require specific care. With proper care products made of wood lose their appearance and will serve you for a long time.

First use:
Before the first use, the wooden dishes must be treated with hot oil. Here it is important to take an oil that will not be after the heating to be bitter and thus leave a aftertaste, such oils are flax or mineral. This procedure is recommended to be repeated every month and a half of using the product.

The impregnation procedure is as follows.

The entire surface of the product (sometimes it is allowed to treat only the surface that comes in contact with food), several times grate with hot oil and leave for two to three hours to soak. During this time, part of the oil will be absorbed into the wood, and some will dry on the surface, thus creating a protective hydrophobic film (the wood pores are closed and the product stops absorbing water). Correctly made impregnation will ensure a long service life of the product and will prevent deformation and cracking of dishes.

It is forbidden:
– wash the wooden dishes in a dishwasher or leave them for a long time in a container with water. With the long action of water on wood, water penetrates into the pores, which after drying will lead to deformation or cracking of the product;

– Dry wooden products in drying or frying cupboards. Rapid drying also leads to deformation and cracking.

– in a well-ventilated area away from heating appliances;

– Wooden boards are recommended to be stored vertically and on the edge.

Antimicrobial and anti-mold preventive maintenance (1-2 times per month):
– treatment of the surface of wooden products with ethyl alcohol will destroy the harmful microflora on the surface and prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors;

– Surface treatment with clove infusion or a solution of water with vinegar (ratio 3: 1) Allow the product to be treated with the selected product for several minutes, rinse and dry;

– Surface treatment with soda or coarse salt. In this case, a mixture of a mushy consistency is prepared, applied to the product, left for 20 minutes, then rinsed and dried;

– treatment with a slice of lemon or hot water with a small amount of vinegar will remove the smell of mold;

To restore the original color of wooden utensils, it is necessary to wipe the product with hydrogen peroxide, rinse with warm water and dry it.
Fulfilling these simple rules – your wood products will stay in good condition, and will long please you and your guests!

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