Contacts - Laser cutting, engraving and milling

How to get there by car?

We are located on the territory of the metal-base “Diamet”. Check in only from Zdolbunovskaya street.

If you stopped by the Dnieper embankment, this is the second territory on the left side behind the railway tracks.

If you eat from the Kharkov highway – you need to turn left immediately behind the territory of the Novus store. The gap is a double continuous opposite the Public transport stop.

How to get from m. Osokorki?

87th bus – stop “Osokor”

535 minibus – stop “Osokor”

475 minibus-stop “Sortuvalna”

How to get from m. Kharkovskaya?

108th bus – stop “Prichalnaya street”

599 minibus – stop “Prichalnaya street”

How to get from m. Levoberezhnaya?

87, the bus – stop “Osokor”

177, 178, 599 minibus – stop “Sortuvalna”

535 minibus – stop “Osokor”

How to find us on the territory of the metal warehouse?

After crossing the barrier, we go /go along the gray two-story building on the left side. After it we turn left, then again. We enter the building and to the end. First hangar on the right. A sign is present.

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