Designer watches made of acrylic

Wall clocks are an indispensable object of an interior, whether it’s an apartment, a private house or an office. With the help of modern materials (usually acrylic plastic, which has the widest range of more than 60 colors) and laser cutting and engraving acrylic, it is possible to produce not just a watch – a designer masterpiece that will delight the eyes of the hosts and surprise guests and customers.

Perhaps the manufacture of any shape and size, as well as a combination of colors and textures (metallic, mirror, mother of pearl, etc.) make it possible to embody the most sophisticated design ideas.

It is also possible to apply by means of laser engraving (logo, wishes, even photography) or printing.

At our own production base in Kiev, we design and manufacture designer watches from acrylic (plexiglass), wood, plywood by curvilinear laser cutting and subsequent gluing. Materials and glue are absolutely ecological (according to requirements we provide hygienic certificate).

The clock can be either monochrome or multicolored with logo printing or engraving.

We make watches in batches or in pieces. Ideal as a gift.

A designer watch with a company logo in your office is a beautiful and functional attribute that will emphasize your style.

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