Elements of interior design

What is the interior?

Interior (Fr. in-térieur lat. In-terior – internal view, antonymus of ex-térieur, latin exterior – appearance) – architecturally and artistically designed interior space of the building, which provides aesthetic perception and favorable conditions for life; the internal space of a building or a separate room, the architectural solution of which is determined by its functional purpose.

At the heart of interior design is the synthesis of pragmatic and artistic ideas and solutions aimed at improving the conditions of human existence in a holistic, aesthetically perfect form. The interior consists of three components:

– building envelope – floor, walls, ceiling;

– content (equipment, furniture);

– functional processes that form both space and sensory-psychological atmosphere.

We often encounter the fact that the flight of design fantasy can not be realized in products using traditional building materials. In such cases, the way out is the use of the latest materials and technologies for outdoor advertising. More and more often in interiors different plastics (acrylic, san, pvc, polystyrene, composite panels) and films are used, and instead of traditional bulbs – LED lighting. And this is not only in the interiors of bars and restaurants, but also in ordinary apartments. For example, an apron in kitchens has recently been often made from aluminum composite panels, rather than from tiles. It’s cheaper and much better looking, because the assortment is quite large and can be selected for any color and it is not required to make joints – you can paste one large sheet. And for practicality, too, there are no problems – the material can be washed, it can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius (you can use it next to the stove), hard, which will hide the unevenness of the wall, easy, and most importantly cheap.

LED backlighting often allows you to solve problems that can not be solved using lamps, you can also pick up any shade and program different lighting modes, and once and for all forget what it means to change the bulbs.

We are able to realize the boldest ideas of your designer, using the whole range of the latest materials and technologies, such as laser cutting and engraving.

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