Acrylic Engraving for Framlites

What is a framelite?

Framelight (English Framelight) – a thin light panel of special acrylic glass, illuminated around the perimeter. Simply put, a frameleight is a very thin and compact lightbox. The structure (frameleight) consists of a system of aluminum profiles with a click-system, connected by a hinge and a spring; special acrylic plastic used for end lighting (for example, Altuglass elite2); fluorescent lamps or LEDs installed on the end of the acrylic sheet (naturally the end should be pre-polished, and on the ends that do not light the mirror film is applied, to maintain the light flux). Thanks to a special structure of acrylic glass, the effect of an even distribution of the light flux is achieved.

Also, there is a developed and proven technology for the use of conventional cast acrylic in the manufacture of frameworks – acrylics are laser engraved in the form of a grid, so you can save considerably, because special acrylic is very expensive.

The main characteristic of framelines is the ability to change the image, thanks to the opening elements of the profile, this can be done in just a few minutes.

Roughly speaking, this is a color picture with an internal LED backlight, which makes the image much brighter and more visible to the consumer. Fremlites can be one-sided and two-sided. The front part of the frame is a full-color advertising poster, protected by transparent plastic. A qualitative poster is printed on special city paper or on light-scattering thin plastic – backlit. Although you can print on plain paper, but in this case, the brightness will not be so saturated. The main advantage of framelines is the ability to quickly replace the image, and due to the click of the system this action takes only a few minutes. To fasten the frame to the wall using self-tapping screws or dowels, when suspended to the ceiling – use cables or chains.

Frame-light panels are one-sided or two-sided, which makes it possible to place them both on walls and columns of trading halls and offices, and in window openings.

The image can be highlighted both indoors and outdoors, for the dark time of the day.

Framelites are characterized by a number of advantages over conventional light boxes (light boxes):

– Ability to change the image;

– more modern and accurate design (system thickness from 35 to 48mm);

– bright glow of the panel;

– uniformity of illumination throughout the plane.

Just a few years after the invention, it took the frames to take one of the leading places among the ways of advertising products and services in the advertising industry. Framelites are used for advertising indoors, in storefronts or window apertures, and such advertising does not require additional permissions. The main customers of framelines are banks, insurance companies, shops, shopping centers, travel agencies, entertainment facilities, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc.

One of the main requirements of high-quality frame is the uniform glow of the entire plastic surface. This is achieved using fluorescent lamps or light-emitting diodes of sufficient power located in the end face of acrylic, and the correct direction of the light fluxes inside the sheet. Important is the qualitative engraving of the acrylic sheet and the polishing of the ends, due to which the uniform distribution of light fluxes is achieved. The ends, which will not be illuminated, are covered with a mirror film to preserve the light inside the sheet. Also, to ensure the best light properties of the frameline, specialized acrylic is used (for example, ALTUGLAS ELIT-II which includes small light-scattering particles that ensure a uniform glow of the entire surface of the sheet). But often the use of ALTUGLAS ELIT-II acrylic does not fit into the expected budget of the product, therefore it is allowed to use conventional cast acrylic for cheaper construction. To give the ordinary cast acrylic the necessary light-scattering properties, special incisions or a grid are applied to the surface of the sheet by means of laser engraving, which ensure the correct dispersion of light, making the glow uniform. Naturally, in order to ensure a truly high-quality execution of such a process of converting simple acrylic into light-scattering, modern equipment and considerable experience in manufacturing advertising light structures are necessary.

Our company has at its disposal modern equipment and experienced specialists who know all the nuances of manufacturing high-quality frames. We produce the product of the right size, for any budget. We prepare both the preparation of the products and we produce the application of the sateka with a laser for the end illumination. We work fast, efficiently and inexpensively!

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