Gift boxes for alcohol

Alcohol as a gift is almost always a win-win option for a presentation idea for any holiday. For girls fit martini or champagne, men always come in handy cognac or vodka. But, as you know, the effect of the gift will be much more if it is properly presented, or rather packed. The best option for this is a gift wooden packaging for alcohol, with an engraved wish from you or with your company’s logo if it’s a corporate gift.

We produce wholesale and retail gift packaging (boxes) for alcohol (wine, champagne, vodka, martini, cognac, whiskey, vodka or even beer, etc.) made of wood or plywood with application (laser engraving). We use plywood or veneer.

We dissolve the plywood on the milling and engraving machine with cnc with the highest precision after we engrave on the laser engraving machine. After polishing, gluing the product has a stunning look, such a gift will not be forgotten

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