How to properly engrave the skin

Лазерная гравировка кожи

Engraving is a practical way to decorate the skin

The skin is durable, practical and aesthetic. This natural material has a long history. Clothing, footwear, accessories from it do not lose their popularity. To emphasize the individuality, to give originality to the product will help engraving.

Long process of drawing of the volumetric image manually

Engraving the leather by hand is possible, but this process is lengthy and requires precision, scrupulousness, and the availability of a large number of tools for work. First you need to carefully transfer the sketch to the surface, then with a very sharp rotary knife you should go along all the lines, cutting the material no more than half.

To get the volume of a special stamp, called beveler, you should apply the skin on one side of the notch, gently hitting the instrument with a hammer. Since the material has an increased elasticity, it is easy to deform, and there is also the risk of cutting through. Without the experience of working with the skin, it is difficult to achieve a smooth, uniform line of pattern without depressions and through cuts.

High quality laser engraving

To decorate clothes, shoes, bags, purse, accessories, create stylish jewelry, personify and brand leather products laser engraving is an excellent solution. It is relevant for small-scale, serial production and the need to apply images in the shortest possible time. The laser is subject to any kind of skin: smooth, pile, varnished, pressed, and also artificial.

Laser Engraving Technology

Laser engraving on the skin is technologically a burning by a narrowly directed beam of a drawing or an inscription on the surface of a material. The process can occur under the control of the operator or in a completely autonomous mode.

In the first case, the master manually changes the intensity of the impact, depending on the characteristics of the material (porosity, inhomogeneous density, the presence of edges) and the depth of the pattern. Using CNC allows you to implement any ideas of designers.

Qualitative preparation of the layout plays an important role for obtaining a good image on the skin. A drawing or an inscription is created in a graphic editor, and then transferred to a device understandable to the device. Next, the necessary processing parameters are set – power, speed, which will determine the depth of the relief and the contrast of the image.

Some features of the laser for engraving on the skin:

  • Laser engraving is performed at low radiation power
  • Non-contact processing allows you to not fix the material, if necessary, you can use a vacuum clamp.
  • The technology makes it possible to apply images to finished products or at the cutting stage and to perform clear drawings with a high degree of detail.
  • When working with natural skin, good ventilation is necessary in the room, as the material exudes a sharp unpleasant odor when exposed to heat.

Thanks to the simple software, artistic creativity on the skin is available even to the home master. Tactile image, created by the laser, gives a special charm to the product. The ornament, figure, original inscription transferred to the leather thing will make it a unique and unforgettable gift.

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