Information stands and corners of the consumer

Without the information stand or the corner of the consumer, not one store, a pharmacy or any other commercial facility for customer service is not complete. Moreover, the availability of customer corners is provided by the law of Ukraine and is mandatory for placement in all trade objects and rendering services to the public.

What (what information) needs to be placed in the consumer’s (customer’s) corner?

In the information posted on the stand “Consumer corner” indicate the phones of the regional and city services of the trade inspection, the local department of consumer protection. Also in the corner of the consumer are placed a copy of the state registration certificate, trade rules and a book of reviews. In addition to the above information, the owner of the object can provide any other information that he wants to convey to the consumer. The same applies to the stand “Corner of the buyer”, manufactured for shops and other outlets.

There are many options for manufacturing information stands. The most common is a stand with transparent pockets (pockets) for quick change of information. Pockets can be of any format and depth.

Stands can be made of different materials. Usually, the supporting part is PVC or composite panels. And the pockets are cut by laser cutting from acrylic or PET (polyethylene terephthalate).

At our own production base in Kiev, we produce information stands (corners of the consumer, the buyer) from any materials (at the customer’s choice), quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

We work with government agencies, we send them to any convenient carrier in Ukraine.

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