Laser cutting in the manufacture of gates

Metal gates are used for various purposes: they can restrict access to the premises (workshop, garage, car wash, workshop) or be part of a fencing system. Garage and industrial doors are, first of all, providing protection from external factors, which means that their main characteristics are strength and durability. They are made of sheet metal in the form of a blank sheet or several sections. But for entrance structures, especially for private households, in addition to reliability and practicality, appearance is important. Laser cutting technology in the production of metal gates provides endless possibilities for the implementation of any idea in combination with high-quality performance.

Sheet metal cutting with laser cutting

A laser is a directed stream of light energy, so it does not cause mechanical pressure on the material. Under the influence of high temperature, the metal melts and evaporates or is blown away by a gas jet. Such an impact is carried out locally and does not carry a destructive effect on adjacent areas of the material.

To cut a workpiece of the required configuration with a laser tool, you need to set the trajectory. This is done programmatically. First, an electronic model of the future product is prepared in vector form. It is the basis of the control program, which is responsible for processing. On a computer command, the beam moves along a given route and leaves behind a narrow cutting line. Its width is hundredths of a millimeter. The repeatability of a given shape is also measured in microns.

Advantages of laser technology in gate manufacturing

Features of the use of laser cutting for metal – high production speed, excellent quality, reasonable price. Other advantages include:

  • Laser cuttingis applicable for various types of metals and alloys, including galvanizing, stainless steel, aluminum.
  • The laser will cut the metal sheet into sections of the desired size and shape, perform perforation, artistic carving, engraving. The complexity of the form and the ornate patterns are not an obstacle to obtaining the result.
  • Preparation of production takes little time, it is possible to quickly make adjustments to the processing program. Therefore, laser cutting is effective in the manufacture of both piece and serial products, for example, identical elements of the fence, decorative inserts.

Production of decorative panels

The gate is not only the gates that close the opening in the fence and open the entrance to the courtyard. In fact, they are the hallmark of home ownership. Standard, faceless designs are not in vogue now, so the owners strive to design the entry portal in accordance with their own tastes. Laser cutting for the manufacture of metal gates is good because it does not limit the design flight of thought. The panels are decorated with ornaments of standard or free-form holes, openwork carvings, a combination of gaps and surface images. Any shape of holes is allowed – from standard geometric shapes of various sizes to free-form slots and artistic compositions.

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