Laser cutting of acrylic with printed seal

Cutting acrylic with a laser print to get ready-made advertising and decorative elements

For the production of outdoor advertising, decoration of premises, decoration of ceilings, furniture, doors, acrylic printing is actively used. This is due to its unique properties of the material: lightness, strength, good light transmittance and low thermal conductivity. In addition, Plexiglas is one of the most budgetary options for the production of advertising among sheet plastics. A smooth glossy surface is ideal for printing, and a CNC laser machine will ensure fast and high-quality cutting of acrylic with applied image .

Laser cutting of acrylic with finished print

Plexiglas cutting with laser combines the speed, quality and reasonable price of the whole process. Due to the limited effect of the beam on the material and the need for special material holding conditions, laser equipment makes it possible to process sheets of small thickness. Modern machines are provided with special programs that completely control the cutting process from beginning to end, strictly following the pre-set task. Due to this, it is possible to carry out high-precision and high-quality cutting of printed acrylic on the contour, regardless of complexity and circulation. The edge of the cut turns out to be ideal (slightly fused, glossy, smooth) and does not require further processing, which positively affects the production time and cost of work.

Advantages of using a laser for cutting acrylic with a printed image :
  • Cut out prepared items according to strictly defined contours
  • safety of material quality due to laser beam only in the cutting area
  • no deformation and accuracy in the manufacture of both single and serial elements
  • optimization of cutting, sharpness and accuracy of cutting, ensured using CNC
  • the ability to combine cutting with engraving.
Our proposals for laser cutting of printed elements from acrylic

The company PorezkiNet has its own production, equipped with modern laser engraving machines with a large working field – 1600×1000 mm, which allows processing large-sized elements. We produce acrylic laser post-printing cutting , ensuring quality and fast execution of orders of any complexity. In addition to cutting, we can offer the manufacture of various designs with an internal light source. We invite you to cooperate with SEO, image advertising specialists, decorators … Our manager will help you to make an order, you can contact him by phone ☎ 0676695967. He will provide you with full information on the questions that interests you, orienting by the cost of work.

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