Laser cutting of metal for individual orders in Kiev

Laser cutting of metal compares favorably with alternative metalworking technologies.

Due to the non-contact method and the local impact on the material, the risks of deformation of the workpiece and the appearance of production defects are practically excluded.

How metal is cut with a laser

Laser metal cutting is performed on CNC equipment. All operations are performed automatically according to a previously prepared program. For a cutting tool in the form of a laser beam, all shapes and sizes of products are subject, so it can easily repeat all the nuances of an electronic layout.

When the beam hits the surface of the material, high-density energy is concentrated at the target point. As a result, the metal melts and is blown away by a gas jet or sublimates.

Heating does not affect the areas adjacent to the cut zone, so that the workpiece itself remains intact. The laser moves along a programmed trajectory and an assist gas is supplied to the cutting zone, which increases the processing efficiency.

Material thickness, mmCarbon steelStainless steelGalvanized
up to 0.57 UAH/m12 UAH/m10 UAH/m8 UAH/m
0.88 UAH/m14 UAH/m12 UAH/m9 UAH/m
19 UAH/m15 UAH/m15 UAH/m10 UAH/m
1.29 UAH/m16 UAH/m18 UAH/m12 UAH/m
1.510 UAH/m20 UAH/m20 UAH/m15 UAH/m
212 UAH/m28 UAH/m25 UAH/m20 UAH/m
315 UAH/m40 UAH/m40 UAH/m35 UAH/m
418 UAH/m60 UAH/m
524 UAH/m100 UAH/m
629 UAH/m130 UAH/m
845 UAH/m
1055 UAH/m
1270 UAH/m
1480 UAH/m
16100 UAH/m
The cost of laser cutting of metal, for 1 meter of cut (prices are given without VAT, by bank transfer with VAT + 20%)
The final cost is calculated by the customer's terms of reference manager.
The price does not include the cost of punching the material (the price of one punching is 0.1 m of cut)
The cost of firing the film is 7 UAH / m.
The cost of the minimum order for laser cutting of metal is 500 UAH.

Frequently asked Questions

What materials do you process on milling equipment?

The CNC milling machine is a fairly versatile tool and allows processing the widest range of materials:

  • wood, furniture board, plywood, MDF, particle board, fiberboard and any other wooden sheet materials
  • acrylic, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, polystyrene and any other plastics
  • copper, brass, bronze, duralumin, aluminum and other soft metals
  • some kinds of rubber;
  • Composite panels.
What is the working area size on your milling equipment?

The working fields of our CNC milling machine are 2050 * 3050 mm.

Are you processing six-meter aluminum composite panels?

Yes, we process composite sheets of any size, processing of six-meter products is possible.

What materials do you keep in stock?

We constantly support the storage of plywood of the highest grade from 4 to 21mm, MDF from 3 to 19 mm. Also, there are various plastics in the warehouse.
If the material is not in stock, we will order it for you, we bring materials every day.

Can I bring my material for processing?

Of course, we accept any materials of the proper quality in the work.

How quickly do you fulfill orders?

Usually orders for laser cutting, engraving and milling are performed within 2-3 days, but possibly faster, in agreement with our manager.

Is it possible to fulfill an order for today?

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but sometimes it can work out. Please check with our manager.

How do you place an order?

To place an order with us - send us the layout to the email in vector form. In the letter, indicate the material, and also specify whether the material will be provided or our material will be used. Within half an hour you will receive a response indicating the cost of material and the cost of cutting.

If the cost of the order does not exceed 1000 UAH, you just need to indicate in the reply letter about the agreement with the placing of the order with us, after that the order will be put into operation. If the cost exceeds UAH 1000 - we will ask you to make a prepayment.

Can I pay for services by bank transfer?

Yes - we accept payment by bank transfer with VAT.

How to prepare a layout?
1. Cutting files must contain only vector objects designed for cutting, prepared in the program CorelDRAW, AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator;2. It is not allowed to use raster objects (raster objects are allowed only for engraving);3.Objects must have a scale of 1: 1, the size of objects in the file is specified in millimeters;4.All the elements intended for cutting must be converted into curves, with the thickness of the line "Hair Line" ("Hairline");5. The vector image in the file for cutting should not contain open points in closed contours, fills, overlapping contours, double lines and intersections;6.All elements of the layout should be constructed according to the minimum possible number of points;7. It is not allowed to use blocking of objects, layers;8. The image for cutting and engraving on the sheet material should be provided in the front view (not mirrored);9. It is possible to use text explanations for order fulfillment in files.If you do not have the opportunity to prepare a layout, it can be developed by our designer. The cost of developing a layout is determined individually, depending on the complexity.

Application for miscalculation

    Why we

    Laser capabilities in metalworking

    The laser will quickly and accurately cut large workpieces to the size of the entire working area. It will also cope with the smallest details, thin partitions, many holes, related to the beam diameter, perforation …

    It is possible to cut pipes. Cutting speed of thin sheets reaches several meters and even tens of meters per minute. Laser technology is applicable in production:

    • ultra-precise parts, the quality of which is more demanding;
    • promotional items;
    • decorative elements;
    • souvenirs.

    She also has no equal in the implementation of author’s projects. Any design idea can be embodied in metal using a laser beam.

    Advantages of technology

    Laser cutting of sheet metal compares favorably with other processing methods. Among the advantages:

    • cutting a wide range of metals and alloys;
    • a good range of thicknesses- from 0.4 … 0.5 mm to 15 … 16 mm;
    • the ability to manufacture parts of complex configurations with a large number of cuts and holes;
    • no need for additional edge processing;
    • high cutting speed for thin sheet metal;
    • material savings due to compact layout.

    Laser metal cutting services

    We offer you to use the services of cutting ferrous metal, steel, including stainless, titanium, copper, brass, aluminum.

    We accept individual orders for the manufacture of single items, as well as conclude long-term contracts with companies for the production of serial products:

    Benefits of ordering in our company

    For execution, modern equipment is used, the capabilities of which allow cutting:

    • stainless steel up to 6 mm thick at a speed of 1 to 30 meters per minute (using nitrogen);
    • carbon steel from 1 mm (18 m/min) to 16 mm (0.5 m/min) with oxygen;
    • galvanized- from 1 mm to 5 mm with nitrogen (speed 0.5- 20 m/min.);
    • aluminum from 1 mm (8-10 m/min) to 5 mm (0.6 … 0.9 m/min)- oxygen/nitrogen.

    Our CNC machine is equipped with an autofocus system that automatically adjusts the best distance for cutting different metal thicknesses. This ensures an accurate, accurate cut and the absence of defective products.

    Simple and fast order processing

    We accept orders for mass production of products, and also offer the release of original products from rolled metal and non-ferrous metal blanks. If you do not have an electronic layout or need help converting a drawing to another format, our specialists will perform the necessary preparatory work.

    You can get the manager’s advice by calling +380676695967. To find out the cost of metal laser cutting services , send an application with an electronic layout through the form on the website or by e-mail.

    After completing the necessary calculation, the manager will give the exact amount. The cost of cutting metal with a laser depends on the type and thickness of the material, as well as the length (in linear meters) of the cutting line.

    It should also be borne in mind that urgent execution and additional work increase the cost of the project.