Material thickness, mmCarbon steelStainless steelGalvanized
up to 0.57 UAH/m12 UAH/m10 UAH/m8 UAH/m
0.88 UAH/m14 UAH/m12 UAH/m9 UAH/m
19 UAH/m15 UAH/m15 UAH/m10 UAH/m
1.29 UAH/m16 UAH/m18 UAH/m12 UAH/m
1.510 UAH/m20 UAH/m20 UAH/m15 UAH/m
212 UAH/m28 UAH/m25 UAH/m20 UAH/m
315 UAH/m40 UAH/m40 UAH/m35 UAH/m
418 UAH/m60 UAH/m
524 UAH/m100 UAH/m
629 UAH/m130 UAH/m
845 UAH/m
1055 UAH/m
1270 UAH/m
1480 UAH/m
16100 UAH/m
The cost of laser cutting of metal, for 1 meter of cut (prices are given without VAT, by bank transfer with VAT + 20%)
The final cost is calculated by the customer's terms of reference manager.
The price does not include the cost of punching the material (the price of one punching is 0.1 m of cut)
The cost of firing the film is 7 UAH / m.
The cost of the minimum order for laser cutting of metal is 500 UAH.

Why we

Laser cutting of aluminum- fast, accurate and high quality

Laser cutting of aluminum , as an alternative technology to mechanical and electrical methods, is excellent for processing this material.

This is due primarily to the properties of the metal. It is strong, but at the same time light and resilient, therefore prone to deformation from the use of a mechanical tool or fasteners. Due to their high corrosion resistance, aluminum alloys are widely used in everyday life and in various industries.

The quality of most of the products manufactured for use in construction, instrument making, in the creation of aircraft, ships, railroad and motor transport …, are subject to increased requirements.

Laser technology allows you to quickly cut parts of any complexity and in any quantity. The precision and quality of laser cutting of aluminum sheet surpasses that of mechanical cutting.

Oxygenated Aluminum Cutting Process

Laser cutting of aluminum is performed at a relatively low speed to avoid material deformation. The processing is controlled by the CNC system, acting according to a previously prepared program.

The laser beam glides over the surface, melting the metal along the contact line. A stream of oxygen is applied to the area to be treated, which cools and removes molten particles from the cut edge.

This eliminates the need for additional processing, because the cuts are smooth and neat.

Benefits of using laser for processing:

  • the ability to perform elements of simple geometric and non-standard shapes;
  • any number of products- from single copies to large batches;
  • high positioning accuracy;
  • obtaining workpieces of high quality and accuracy, regardless of the complexity of the configuration;
  • cost-effective- minimal material consumption, little waste, no errors or defects;
  • no need for post-processing slices.

Where to order laser cutting of aluminum in Kiev offers you the fulfillment of orders of any complexity for laser cutting of aluminum . We work with large and small volumes.

We can fulfill a single order according to an individual project, or we can organize the manufacture of a series of industrial products. If necessary, we will carry out engraving, marking of parts. We carry out all work on our production base.

Our equipment supports intensive operation and can fulfill its processing functions. The working field of the machine is 1.5×3 m, which allows you to cut out dimensional workpieces.

Excellent cutting quality is obtained with aluminum sheets up to 5 mm thick, so we do not use laser processing for thicker workpieces.

How to place an order for cutting

To order a service, you need to have a layout created in a graphic editor. The drawing should be made in vector form at a scale of 1: 1. You can read about the requirements for the layout on the website. Here you will also find information about cutting prices, which depend on the thickness of the metal and the cutting characteristics.

There are some more pricing nuances that the manager will tell you about. The exact cost will become known after clarifying all the details of the project. For calculation of the cost of aluminum laser cutting services , please call +380676695967.

On the same phone you can get advice, learn about the stage of order execution. But do not worry about the deadlines- any project, carried out in the usual mode or urgent, we will complete exactly at the agreed time.

We value our clients, therefore we are responsible for the timeliness and quality of the services provided.