Material thickness, mmCarbon steelStainless steelGalvanized
up to 0.57 UAH/m12 UAH/m10 UAH/m8 UAH/m
0.88 UAH/m14 UAH/m12 UAH/m9 UAH/m
19 UAH/m15 UAH/m15 UAH/m10 UAH/m
1.29 UAH/m16 UAH/m18 UAH/m12 UAH/m
1.510 UAH/m20 UAH/m20 UAH/m15 UAH/m
212 UAH/m28 UAH/m25 UAH/m20 UAH/m
315 UAH/m40 UAH/m40 UAH/m35 UAH/m
418 UAH/m60 UAH/m
524 UAH/m100 UAH/m
629 UAH/m130 UAH/m
845 UAH/m
1055 UAH/m
1270 UAH/m
1480 UAH/m
16100 UAH/m
The cost of laser cutting of metal, for 1 meter of cut (prices are given without VAT, by bank transfer with VAT + 20%)
The final cost is calculated by the customer's terms of reference manager.
The price does not include the cost of punching the material (the price of one punching is 0.1 m of cut)
The cost of firing the film is 7 UAH / m.
The cost of the minimum order for laser cutting of metal is 500 UAH.

Why we

Brass laser cutting services in Kiev

Brass, depending on its composition (percentage of zinc and other alloying components), can be elastic and brittle. In this regard, mechanical cutting methods sometimes lead to damage to the shape of the workpiece or cut defects.

The optimal way of cutting is laser cutting of brass , primarily because it is non-contact.

Laser cutting of brass alloy requires equipment with a high power radiation source. This is due to the peculiarities of the alloy- its high melting point (about 900 ° C) and high thermal conductivity.

Applications for brass and laser sheet metal cutting

Brass is a copper alloy that, due to the addition of zinc, acquires increased strength and anti-corrosion properties. Thanks to this, the material is in demand in all economic spheres.

The use of brass for the manufacture of hardware and sanitary ware is widely known. Furniture designers love to use this metal as a decor. Brass products (panels, panels with an openwork pattern, spectacular frames for mirrors and paintings) take a worthy place in the interior design. Brass is also used in the production of bijouterie, souvenirs, advertising plates, signs, letters …

Regardless of the complexity of the shape of the cut out objects, laser technology ensures precise cutting of the brass sheet and excellent quality of the edges without the need for additional processing.

Laser cutting process

Laser cutting of brass is performed on a CNC machine. In order for the cutting to be carried out in automatic mode, a special program must be prepared. It is based on the vector layout of the future product. The control program is not only responsible for the movement of the laser beam, but also controls the processing process at all stages.

Thanks to the smart system, cutting is carried out accurately, without errors.

A laser beam on contact with metal heats it up, causing the metal to melt at the point of impact. In addition to the cutting site, gas- nitrogen is supplied. A directed gas jet blows away particles of molten metal and removes oxygen from the cut site, which can enter into an oxidative reaction.

The use of nitrogen improves the cleanliness of the cut, the edges are neat and smooth.

Benefits of laser cutting brass sheet

Performance . Laser technology provides high cutting speed, which means the process takes little time. So cutting a sheet with a thickness of 1 mm is carried out at a speed of up to 14 … 16 centimeters per second, thicker sheets are cut more slowly (1 … 1.5 cm/s). Replicability .

In the manufacture of serial products, regardless of the batch size, all parts of the same type have the same shape and exact compliance with the specified parameters. Quality .

The cut products are distinguished by high dimensional accuracy and quality of processing of the cut edges. There are no deformations of the workpieces due to thermal effects. Economical cutting .

Since the diameter of the laser beam is a fraction of a millimeter, parts in the layout can be placed close to each other. Material loss is minimal. CNC control does not allow receiving defective products.

Our capabilities in laser cutting brass carries out laser cutting of brass at its own production base. The CNC laser machine on which the cutting is carried out has a large working area of ​​1500 x 3000 mm. This allows us to work with a whole sheet- to cut it without first dividing it into parts and cut out dimensional details. We accept the customer’s drawings made in a graphic editor, and also provide assistance in creating an electronic layout.

You can submit an application in any convenient way: by e-mail, via the website or by phone +380676695967.

For the manager to calculate the cost of the project, send us a file with a layout and indicate the thickness of the metal. The order taken into work will be completed on time.

We hope that your first contact with us will be the beginning of our long-term cooperation.