Material thickness, mmCarbon steelStainless steelGalvanized
up to 0.57 UAH/m12 UAH/m10 UAH/m8 UAH/m
0.88 UAH/m14 UAH/m12 UAH/m9 UAH/m
19 UAH/m15 UAH/m15 UAH/m10 UAH/m
1.29 UAH/m16 UAH/m18 UAH/m12 UAH/m
1.510 UAH/m20 UAH/m20 UAH/m15 UAH/m
212 UAH/m28 UAH/m25 UAH/m20 UAH/m
315 UAH/m40 UAH/m40 UAH/m35 UAH/m
418 UAH/m60 UAH/m
524 UAH/m100 UAH/m
629 UAH/m130 UAH/m
845 UAH/m
1055 UAH/m
1270 UAH/m
1480 UAH/m
16100 UAH/m
The cost of laser cutting of metal, for 1 meter of cut (prices are given without VAT, by bank transfer with VAT + 20%)
The final cost is calculated by the customer's terms of reference manager.
The price does not include the cost of punching the material (the price of one punching is 0.1 m of cut)
The cost of firing the film is 7 UAH / m.
The cost of the minimum order for laser cutting of metal is 500 UAH.

Why we

Laser cutting of carbon steel in Kiev

Laser technology is the optimal method for cutting thin sheet steel. Modern CNC machines are capable of laser cutting carbon steel in a wide range of thicknesses for simple and complex layouts.

Laser cutting technology for sheet steel

Black metal cutting is carried out using oxygen. The process itself is as follows. When a tool in the form of a narrow beam is directed to a surface, the material at the contact point becomes very hot and melts.

When gas is supplied to the cut site, an oxidative reaction starts, which is also accompanied by the release of heat. This increase in temperature in the cutting zone makes it possible to increase the processing speed, as well as to process thicker sheets. An important condition for effective cutting is the purity of the gas involved in the process. The better the oxygen, the faster the process proceeds, and the cleaner the cuts will be.

A gas jet removes molten metal from the processing area. The steel sheet is cut automatically without intervention, but under the control of the operator.

All machining modes and tool path are written in the program. The lack of direct human participation in the processing process allows you to avoid rejects and defects in workpieces.

The main advantages of using laser technology for steel processing

  • The cutting process is fast, and the thermal effect of the beam is precisely localized, therefore deformations of the blanks are completely excluded.
  • Thanks to the use of CNC, serial production is possible.
  • The dimensions and shapes of the cut parts have a high degree of conformity to the layout and repeatability when producing the same elements.
  • The small diameter of the light beam provides a thin cutting line, which makes the layout of parts more dense.

What products can be made with a carbon steel laser

Iron products are familiar to everyone- they surround us everywhere. These are not only durable and reliable designs, but also decorative products.

Due to the fact that black metal is in good harmony with other materials (wood, glass, plastic), elements from it often become the basis of elegant interior design solutions or fashionable jewelry.

Geometric, curly, openwork products can be easily cut from steel sheet using a laser. A thin laser beam helps to embody any idea in metal, as well as apply inscriptions or drawings.

Where to order laser cutting of ferrous metal will cut sheet steel quickly and accurately according to the drawing you provided. To order carbon steel cutting services , contact our manager by phone +380676695967. You can also write to email or fill out the form on the website.

Be sure to include your name, phone number (or other contact method) and order information. Attach an electronic model of the product to the application.

After examining the provided drawing, we will make a cost estimate and call you back to clarify other project requirements.

A professional team and modern technical equipment of production allow us to perform tasks of any complexity in a timely manner and with high quality.

Cost of laser cutting of carbon steel in Kiev

The price of laser cutting of steel is formed taking into account the individual characteristics of the order. The cost of the service depends on the thickness of the sheet, the amount of work, additional work to create a layout. We are always ready to meet customers halfway, so we have discounts for large orders and long-term projects. And for our regular customers there are special prices.