Laser cutting of paper and cardboard on CNC machines

Laser cutting paper and cardboard to create blanks of simple and complex shapes

Paper and its derivative cardboard are natural materials, consisting of organic fibers. Products from these materials are used everywhere due to low cost and environmental safety. Fast and economical way of cutting paper products – laser cutting, which allows:

  • perform simple and contour cutting serially;
  • perform cross-cutting patterns
  • get accurate patterns, stencils;
  • manufacture parts for modeling, original packaging, decoration elements, entertainment products, designer products …

The range of laser cutter capabilities when working with paper products

Carrying out any work on the CNC laser machine, associated with cutting or figuring the cutting of paper /cardboard, you can be sure of the excellent quality of the products. A thin ray can cut out small figures, complex patterns, paper lace, artistic compositions. A laser CO 2 cutter easily and quickly cuts the paper from the thinnest to the densest, while the cutting is clear, without traces of carbon deposits. The laser is also suitable for processing corrugated, foam, electro-, kraft, designer cardboard and other varieties thereof. When cutting a thick material, the edge may be slightly darkened, but the quality of the cut will be flawless.

Computer management makes it possible to perform products in a variety of forms with a high degree of detail, to embody creative design ideas. For example, you can accurately cut out the postcard, invitation or blank of the packing box and highlight the folding points, making a dotted line or not cutting the line up to the end. In this case, there is no difference, it is necessary to perform a single product or a whole series of the same type of products. You can create exquisite scenery for decorating the stage, location of festive events, decorating the interior. Irreplaceable laser equipment is also in the field of printing (cutting of finished printed products), in the advertising business (growth figures, advertising information leaflets, flyers), in production (seals, gaskets, other technical products).

How does the cutting of paper and cardboard blanks occur on a laser CNC machine

Before starting the work, an electronic drawing of the cutting path is prepared, the radiation power and the speed of advance are set. The laser beam focused to the smallest point (fractions of a millimeter) exactly follows the line defined by the computer program, acting on the workpiece in a narrow zone. At this point, the material is sublimated, that is, the transition to a gaseous state, as evidenced by the appearance of a trickle of smoke. The local thermal load does not allow the surface to overheat outside the cutting zone, and hence there is no fear of burning. Since the cutting tool does not mechanically contact the surface of the paper /cardboard, it is not necessary to fix the work sheet on the worktable. This means that the delicate material will not break and will not break.

Some features of paper cutting with a laser beam

It would seem that such a thin material as paper can be cut with a whole pile. However, it is not desirable to cut several sheets at the same time, stacked on top of each other, because the combustion products that occur during rapid processing can glue the layers together. If the cutting was carried out on a straight trajectory, you can carefully separate the sheets, and in the case of figured cutting, small parts of the contour or pattern may suffer. When working with a laser cutter with CNC errors and deviations from the cutting line does not happen, the cut parts are distinguished by high accuracy and detail. On light and thick paper, a slightly darkened edge may appear, on the colored, dark and thin material, traces of carbon deposits are not visible.

How Cardboard behaves under the influence of a laser

Cardboard has the same components as paper, it differs in density and can have a multilayer structure with an inhomogeneous inner layer. Therefore, for each type of cardboard, depending on its thickness, it is necessary to select its own processing and blowing regime. Due to the high quality of the cut and the small width of the cut line (0.01 mm), when preparing the layout it is possible to place the parts as close as possible to each other, thus significantly saving the material. Computer control allows you to quickly perform cutting a large batch of absolutely identical and 100% corresponding to the drawing of cardboard products. The edges of the parts are smooth, without irregularities and jags, in the case of thick and dense cardboard, the edge can have small traces of tanning.

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