Material thickness, mmCarbon steelStainless steelGalvanized
up to 0.57 UAH/m12 UAH/m10 UAH/m8 UAH/m
0.88 UAH/m14 UAH/m12 UAH/m9 UAH/m
19 UAH/m15 UAH/m15 UAH/m10 UAH/m
1.29 UAH/m16 UAH/m18 UAH/m12 UAH/m
1.510 UAH/m20 UAH/m20 UAH/m15 UAH/m
212 UAH/m28 UAH/m25 UAH/m20 UAH/m
315 UAH/m40 UAH/m40 UAH/m35 UAH/m
418 UAH/m60 UAH/m
524 UAH/m100 UAH/m
629 UAH/m130 UAH/m
845 UAH/m
1055 UAH/m
1270 UAH/m
1480 UAH/m
16100 UAH/m
The cost of laser cutting of metal, for 1 meter of cut (prices are given without VAT, by bank transfer with VAT + 20%)
The final cost is calculated by the customer's terms of reference manager.
The price does not include the cost of punching the material (the price of one punching is 0.1 m of cut)
The cost of firing the film is 7 UAH / m.
The cost of the minimum order for laser cutting of metal is 500 UAH.

Why we

<Titanium is a metal with increased mechanical strength and excellent anti-corrosion properties. The lightweight and durable metal is used in everything from the space industry to medicine.

For production purposes, titanium is cut using a mechanical tool, waterjet or laser. Mechanical cutting is used mainly for working with thin workpieces due to the increased strength characteristics of the metal. In addition, such processing requires finishing work to obtain products of the required quality. The waterjet method has many advantages, but is expensive. Laser cutting of titanium is the most advantageous in terms of price-quality ratio. The laser provides high precision and cleanliness of the cut when machining titanium and titanium alloys.

How titanium is cut with a beam

Laser cutting on a CNC machine is performed under the control of the operator, but without his active participation. A computer program is responsible for everything, which controls the beam and monitors compliance with the processing regime and conditions. Sheet metal or thin titanium billet / titanium alloy is placed on the work table. It is not necessary to fix the material, since the processing takes place without mechanical contact of the tool with the surface. The laser tool follows the commands of the control program. The beam has a directed high-temperature effect on the workpiece. The metal in the affected area melts and is removed by a jet of auxiliary gas.

Benefits of laser cutting titanium

Laser cutting of titanium is:

  • no restrictions on the shape of the cut out blanks, the possibility of curly cut, making holes of small diameter;
  • precise positioning (0.1 mm);
  • narrow cutting line (fractions of a millimeter);
  • minimal physical impact on the workpiece outside the cut zone, no material deformation;
  • high-quality edging without dross and without the need for additional processing of cuts;
  • no scrap, minimal waste due to optimal computer layout.

CNC laser equipment provides a high cutting speed and makes it possible to obtain high-quality products at a low cost.

Where and how to order laser processing of titanium

Company «» performs cutting of titanium blanks at its own production facilities located on the right and left banks in Kiev. Modern fiber optic CNC machines allow the manufacture of single items and serial products at affordable prices. We will produce precise cutting metal blanks (up to 4 mm thick) on a pattern of any complexity, we will perform engraving, marking.

To work, you need an electronic model made on a scale of 1: 1. If you have only a sketch or drawing in paper version, our specialists will help you digitize the image. An application with a drawing, project requirements, your data and phone number can be sent on email (left Coast) или email (right bank). We will calculate the preliminary cost of the work and will contact you to clarify the working moments. You can ask questions related to the project or get advice about the service by calling: +380676695967, +380950081700.

We will quickly and efficiently fulfill your order, regardless of the complexity of the layout and the amount of work. We are looking forward to long-term cooperation.