Laser engraving of metal on CNC machines

Лазерная гравировка металла

Application of a laser for engraving on a metal surface

The principle of laser treatment of metal is a high concentration of energy at one point, which causes a strong heating of the material and its melting. For engraving on metals, it is better to use a laser machine based on fiber. The fiber laser has a high intensity of the beam and provides a narrower focus. This makes it possible to apply deep, thin and elegant lines to a hard surface with a high degree of accuracy.

Features of using a laser engraver with CNC for drawing images on metals

High-precision engraving of the metal surface guarantees the use of a laser CNC machine. The work takes place in an autonomous mode under the control of a special program. A large amount of thermal energy is focused with unprecedented accuracy at the processing site, as a result of which the surface layers of the material evaporate. Moving at the coordinates given by the computer, the laser beam leaves grooves of various sizes, which ultimately form a holistic image. Thermal action occurs only in the working area, excluding any mechanical effect on the product. With the help of a laser, an ordinary lighter, flask or desk set for writing supplies can be turned into a stylish and memorable gift. Laser engraving of metals opens up new opportunities in the production of various souvenirs and original products.

The advantages of laser engraving on metal:

  • The ray does not physically impact the surface.
  • No pre- or post-processing is required.
  • Jewelry accuracy through the use of computer technology
  • Ability to replicate even if unique images are repeated
  • Affordable cost.
  • You can process finished products, turning an ordinary object into an original gift.
  • The resulting image is clear and highly resistant to erasure.

Services of laser cutting of metals in Kiev from the company PorezkiNet

PorezkiNet produces laser engraving of metals on its own machines in Kiev. Our equipment allows you to apply images, including on painted metals. CNC machines with a working surface of 1600×1000 mm can perform engraving on overall surfaces and on small metal products. Experienced specialists can engrave any inscription, picture or photo. We quickly and accurately plot the image both on flat blanks and on large-scale objects . Checkout is easy – you can fill out a special form on the site or call us on the phone & # x260e; 0676695967. The manager will answer your questions in detail, tell about all stages of the project and the cost of the service. We work quickly, efficiently and inexpensively!

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