What materials do you engrave with a laser?

We produce laser engraving on various materials:

  • wood, plywood, veneer, cork, MDF, etc.
  • leather, suede, leatherette and leather products (wallets, belts, bags, shoes, etc.)
  • some dense fabrics, such as jeans
  • acrylic, ABS, polystyrene and other plastics
  • transparent and colored glass
  • granite, marble, etc. stones
  • steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and other metals and metal products (flasks, piles, thermoses, mugs, knives, watches, pens, key chains.)
What materials do you keep in stock?

We constantly support the storage of plywood of the highest grade from 4 to 21mm, MDF from 3 to 19 mm. Also, there are various plastics in the warehouse.
If the material is not in stock, we will order it for you, we bring materials every day.

What is the working field of a laser engraving machine?
We perform laser engraving on CO2 laser engravers, as well as on fiber-optic markers. CO2 laser engravers have a working field of 1200 * 1600 mm, they engrave wood, plywood, veneer, acrylic, fabric, glass, ceramics, stone, leather and leather products.             Fiber laser markers have a small working field of 220 * 220 mm and can engrave on any metal (steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, dural), metal, plastic, leather products, as well as various souvenirs.
Can I bring my material for processing?

Of course, we accept any materials of the proper quality in the work.

How quickly do you fulfill orders?

Usually orders for laser cutting, engraving and milling are performed within 2-3 days, but possibly faster, in agreement with our manager.

Is it possible to fulfill an order for today?

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but sometimes it can work out. Please check with our manager.

What is the laser field size on your laser machines?

At the moment we have 3 universal laser machines with a working field of 1200 * 1600 mm.
The material can be fed through the machine to a width of 1600 mm.

How do you place an order?

To place an order with us - send us the layout to the email info@porezki.net in vector form. In the letter, indicate the material, and also specify whether the material will be provided or our material will be used. Within half an hour you will receive a response indicating the cost of material and the cost of cutting.

If the cost of the order does not exceed 1000 UAH, you just need to indicate in the reply letter about the agreement with the placing of the order with us, after that the order will be put into operation. If the cost exceeds UAH 1000 - we will ask you to make a prepayment.

Can I pay for services by bank transfer?

Yes - we accept payment by bank transfer with VAT.

How to prepare a layout?
1. Cutting files must contain only vector objects designed for cutting, prepared in the program CorelDRAW, AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator;2. It is not allowed to use raster objects (raster objects are allowed only for engraving);3.Objects must have a scale of 1: 1, the size of objects in the file is specified in millimeters;4.All the elements intended for cutting must be converted into curves, with the thickness of the line "Hair Line" ("Hairline");5. The vector image in the file for cutting should not contain open points in closed contours, fills, overlapping contours, double lines and intersections;6.All elements of the layout should be constructed according to the minimum possible number of points;7. It is not allowed to use blocking of objects, layers;8. The image for cutting and engraving on the sheet material should be provided in the front view (not mirrored);9. It is possible to use text explanations for order fulfillment in files.If you do not have the opportunity to prepare a layout, it can be developed by our designer. The cost of developing a layout is determined individually, depending on the complexity.
MaterialThe cost of engraving for 1 cm2.
Plastic1 UAH
Metal2 UAH
Wood1 UAH
Glass2 UAH
A rock2 UAH
Leather1 UAH
Rubber2 UAH

Why we

Advantages of laser technology for engraving of finished products

Drawing an image using laser engraving is possible on products from any material: leather, plastic, stone, wood, metal. The absence of mechanical impact on the object makes it possible to handle even brittle materials. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the complexity of the drawing. You can display a simple inscription on the surface, a symbol made in vector graphics, or a quality raster image.

Popular products for laser engraving:

  • souvenir products – watches, pens , charms, amulets;
  • Jewelry: rings , bracelets, medallions
  • leather haberdashery: wallets, belts, bags
  • weapons;
  • laptop keyboard and PC, computer accessories
  • tableware
  • various attributes: helmets, cups, medals, badges …

Laser engraving of jewelry products

Modern methods of processing precious metals allow you to decorate with any symbolic images or text any ready-made jewelry. For example, you can order engraved wedding rings with the names of the newlyweds, put a significant symbol, date, a touching inscription on the back of the medallion or on the inside of the bracelet. These special signs will greatly increase the value of the gift, give it an individuality.

Engraving on the technique

Constant use of technical devices leads to the erasure of characters from keyboard or numbers on the mobile phone. Laser engraving will help you restore the information you need and ensure the durability of the image. This service will also be useful for putting the Cyrillic alphabet on keys in case of purchasing imported equipment abroad. You can specify the corporate slogan, the logo of the company on office equipment or accessories, for example, decorate with the original image the cover of the super-thin laptop MacBook Air .

Memorable inscriptions on souvenirs

From any item, be it a weapon (knife, dagger, gun), decoration, fitness bracelet, accessories for a mobile phone, it’s easy to make an original gift, if you decorate it with an exclusive inscription or a picture.

The souvenir production can be laconically cited, wishes, and corporate symbols.

For conferences, meetings usually prepare souvenirs with elements of corporate style, for presentation events – products with a corporate design. As a gift to the manager, you can order laser engraving on the handle or hours . A close person will be pleased to receive a personal cup or glass with engraved warm words of gratitude.

Services for the decoration of gifts and souvenirs in Kiev

You can order laser engraving in Kiev in PorezkiNet company. Our experienced experts will help you choose the text, design a drawing and accurately repeat the image on the subject. The use of laser engravers with CNC makes it possible to implement any bold ideas of the customer. Computer control allows you to engrave a single instance or series of products, ensuring accurate image repeatability. For detailed information on the service and its cost, please call ☎ 0676695967.