Letters and words for interior decoration

A cozy and beautiful house is not possible without an interesting and original decor. In the world of interior design there are constantly changes, new trends are emerging and right now the fashion for stylish and original WORDS and LETTERS from wood came to us. It can be not only words, phrases, names of children, but also whole sentences, as an element of decor.

What materials are used to create LETTERS AND WORDS?

Most often for the creation of LETTERS AND WORDS use materials such as plywood, PVC, wood (most often pine, but you can also use other breeds, oak, linden, alder, walnut), MDF, plastics.

Great popularity for the manufacture of LETTERS AND WORDS uses plywood. The thickness of the material is approximately 3 mm to 30 mm. This material is very convenient in work, it is light, but it is strong enough. You can attach these letters to the wall with a double-sided construction tape or special loops.

To get more massive and solid letters, choose a tree. Coniferous tree species are best suited for making WORDS AND LETTERS. Wooden letters look expensive and presentable. Such letters can be opened with varnish, or left in a natural “wooden” form.

The use of plastic in the creation of LETTERS AND WORDS is controversial, since the price of the material is much higher than the rest of the materials. But it should not be forgotten that beautiful LETTERS and WORDS from acrylic are also popular.

All LETTERS and WORDS can be decorated according to your desire, to color, to create the effect of antiquity.

Approximate time of work with one order is from 3 to 10 days, depending on the size, complexity of your chosen font, the necessary decor of WORDS AND LETTERS.

Words and letters you can use, both in the home interior, and to design your wedding!

Decorative word – a wonderful gift for your friends, relatives, relatives, colleagues and even superiors. Embodiment your ideas!

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