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What is a lightbox? How are light boxes made? What are lightboxes?

Lightbox, Light Box, light signboard (English lightbox) – billboard with internal illumination. Can be attached to poles, stationary structures, roofs of buildings, it is often used as the main sign in shops, as in clubs and other institutions. Lightbox is one of the most effective and relatively inexpensive advertising media. Due to its versatility and the ability to produce lightboxes in a wide range of sizes. Light signs are attracting the attention of passers-by, especially in the dark. Bright and attractive light images, which are used in lightboxes, allow you to reveal almost any advertising storyline and are an excellent potential for expressing designer’s creativity.

It is possible to manufacture light boxes from a wide range of materials. The front part is usually used for milk acrylic, if the project is budgetary, then use milk SAN or polystyrene, with a size of more than 3 meters use a laminated luminaire – Flex or cellular milk polycarbonate. The lightbox can be either unilateral or bilateral, if the box is unilateral, then The back wall is made of PVC or composite. The design itself is usually assembled from aluminum or plastic profiles, although sometimes the side walls are made of PVC or Acrylic and glued to the front and back. If the lightbox is large, then you need to make a frame, usually a welded structure, although sometimes you just need to give stiffness and reinforce the plastic profile with the reinforcement. The advertising image on the front side can be applied by direct printing to plastic (UV printing) or the printing is first applied to a self-adhesive film and then glued to plastic. You can also use a colored self-adhesive film, cut figuratively on a cutting plotter. It should be taken into account that the film in the latter case should be special – the light-scattering for luminous construction – Orafol series 8500 or 8100 or Ritrama transparent. It is also possible to use stained-glass films Orafol series 8300 or Ritrama translusent. Sometimes it is required to make possible the rapid replacement of images, then on the front sides on the profile a click-system is attached.

If the design idea is not a light box is a rectangle, then usually the front part is curvilinearly cut out on a laser or milling machine made of acrylic or SAN, and the back of PVC or composite panels. In this case, the side walls are glued to the end to the front panel, and the rear wall is fixed mechanically.

For lighting use fluorescent lights, LED modules or rulers.

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