Manufacture of decorative screens for radiators

One of the most important requirements of a cozy home is warmth. The very first heaters were fires, now the most common are batteries or radiators. For our climate, radiators are the most important thing in the house, which provides the house with heat in the cold season. And also, is, and a significant problem of designers who try to hide big sizes of radiators, often placed in the most prominent places. The most optimal option for “masking” the heater were decorative grilles from different materials, which can be selected or made for the style of the room. Exquisite, stylish, made of different materials screens for radiators can become an integral part of the interior.

Lattices for heating devices have many advantages, among them the shelter of the battery in the interior, and protection of the device from dust, and protection from injuries and burns, and even distribution of heat throughout the room. In the manufacture of gratings, mainly wood, metal, plastic, MDF and glass are used. Recently, the most popular screens are made from MDF, they are environmentally friendly, safe (do not release hazardous substances when heated), hygienic (resistant to fungi and bacteria) and are of low cost.

To hide the heaters, which are located in niches under the windowsill, use hinged grilles without a cover. If the device peeps out from under the windowsill, use a hinged cover with a lid. A box-shaped grille is used when it is necessary to completely cover the entire battery.

Our company, using its own modern equipment – own laser and CNC milling machines, can produce a decorative MDF screen for a radiator of any shape, complexity and size, engrave the desired image with the highest precision. We can manufacture the grill to order, quickly and efficiently according to your size and according to your sketch. The screen for the radiator made by us will make your home even more cozy, warm and modern.

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