Manufacturing of metal products. When laser cutting is essential

Лазерная гравировка металла

Laser cutting of metal is one of the leaders in the field of metalworking. And there is no need to convince anyone of this, the excellent results of the application of this technology and the optimal price-quality ratio are better than words. The laser quickly cuts metal sheets into parts of the required dimensions and shapes. A thin beam makes it possible to cut parts along a complex contour, to make holes whose diameter is comparable to the thickness of the metal.

This technology is used not only for the manufacture of mass products at large industrial enterprises. The advantages of the laser have long been appreciated and are actively used by owners of medium and small businesses. High performance non-contact metal beam cutting is suitable for a variety of tasks. But in some circumstances, the use of a laser is most appropriate. Let’s look at a few examples where a laser beam is the best choice from a wide range of cutting tools.

Increased quality requirements

Laser cutting for metal is indispensable in production, when the priority is given to the accuracy of the cut, smoothness and ideality of the edges. High-precision cutting is necessary in the manufacture of parts for units and mechanisms, elements of prefabricated structures, design products

Energy radiation has a minimum temperature effect on the workpiece outside the cutting zone, which means it does not allow deformation. The use of auxiliary gases during processing makes it possible to obtain smooth edges without thermal leash.

Fast cutting of thin rolled metal

The laser beam allows cutting metal at high speeds without changing the structure of the material along the cut line and outside the impact zone. In the process of work, the tool does not physically come into contact with the material being processed. This makes it possible to cut ultra-thin metal sheets (0.4 – 0.5 mm) without mechanical damage to the workpieces.

Working with metals and alloys of different properties

The list of materials available for laser cutting includes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, regardless of their electrical conductivity. Since the metal-cutting equipment is configured by software, it is not difficult to switch from processing one metal to another. There are practically no restrictions on the composition of the processed materials, and the permissible metal thickness depends on its thermophysical properties (0.5 mm to 16 mm). The non-contact operation of the beam and, as a result, the absence of the need for fixing the workpieces allows you to work with soft, thin and brittle metal materials.

Sophisticated cut piece blanks

For the manufacture of small batches of metal parts, both standard and original, it is financially unprofitable to manufacture molds. And for a laser tool, it makes no difference whether to cut a separate workpiece or a whole batch of parts. The geometry and dimensions of the product also do not really matter. Small diameter of the beam, the ability of the CNC to make a quick change of operations allow you to perform complex products with a high degree of detail. The advantage is also the absence of the need for additional processing, which reduces the cost of production.

Design products for individual projects

Laser cut is a real boon for designers. Применение этой технологии дает возможность изготавливать нестандартные изделия по индивидуальным разработкам. Artistic laser cutting of metal is an alternative to more expensive forging. The laser can visually impart lightness and weightlessness to the metal. Advertising structures, designer jewelry, decorative elements, carved metal compositions for interiors and exteriors – all this can be done with a beam.

If you want to make a unique art object from metal according to your own sketch – order the service of laser cutting of metal. We will help you prepare a drawing and complete the project as soon as possible.

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