MDF facades

One of the most popular materials of the modern time for the production of furniture facades is MDF.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) – is a material in the form of plates, manufactured by pressing wood fibers under pressure at high temperature. Unlike chipboard, in the production of MDF, hazardous pitches are not used, and the binding component is a polymeric compound that is a part of lignin wood. According to the characteristics MDF is similar to wood, but more homogeneous in density and thickness. In addition, MDF has many other advantages – it is moisture, thermo-, bio-resistant, relatively inexpensive material, which, in addition, is easy to process. In this regard, MDF boards are widely used for use in living quarters and furniture manufacturing.

On our own production base in Kiev we produce furniture facades from MDF taking into account all the wishes of the client, it is possible to make your sketches and drawings. Our CNC equipment allows us to process the MDF facade of any size and complexity, including making 3D shapes of any complexity. It is possible to produce both painted facades and facades for painting.

Individual approach in the manufacture of each MDF facade, will create a unique style of any room, whether it is an office or an apartment.

We work wholesale and retail.

We send the carrier.

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