What materials do you process on milling equipment?

The CNC milling machine is a fairly versatile tool and allows processing the widest range of materials:

  • wood, furniture board, plywood, MDF, particle board, fiberboard and any other wooden sheet materials
  • acrylic, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, polystyrene and any other plastics
  • copper, brass, bronze, duralumin, aluminum and other soft metals
  • some kinds of rubber;
  • Composite panels.
What is the working area size on your milling equipment?

The working fields of our CNC milling machine are 2050 * 3050 mm.

Are you processing six-meter aluminum composite panels?

Yes, we process composite sheets of any size, processing of six-meter products is possible.

What materials do you keep in stock?

We constantly support the storage of plywood of the highest grade from 4 to 21mm, MDF from 3 to 19 mm. Also, there are various plastics in the warehouse.
If the material is not in stock, we will order it for you, we bring materials every day.

Can I bring my material for processing?

Of course, we accept any materials of the proper quality in the work.

How quickly do you fulfill orders?

Usually orders for laser cutting, engraving and milling are performed within 2-3 days, but possibly faster, in agreement with our manager.

Is it possible to fulfill an order for today?

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but sometimes it can work out. Please check with our manager.

How do you place an order?

To place an order with us - send us the layout to the email info@porezki.net in vector form. In the letter, indicate the material, and also specify whether the material will be provided or our material will be used. Within half an hour you will receive a response indicating the cost of material and the cost of cutting.

If the cost of the order does not exceed 1000 UAH, you just need to indicate in the reply letter about the agreement with the placing of the order with us, after that the order will be put into operation. If the cost exceeds UAH 1000 - we will ask you to make a prepayment.

Can I pay for services by bank transfer?

Yes - we accept payment by bank transfer with VAT.

How to prepare a layout?
1. Cutting files must contain only vector objects designed for cutting, prepared in the program CorelDRAW, AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator;2. It is not allowed to use raster objects (raster objects are allowed only for engraving);3.Objects must have a scale of 1: 1, the size of objects in the file is specified in millimeters;4.All the elements intended for cutting must be converted into curves, with the thickness of the line "Hair Line" ("Hairline");5. The vector image in the file for cutting should not contain open points in closed contours, fills, overlapping contours, double lines and intersections;6.All elements of the layout should be constructed according to the minimum possible number of points;7. It is not allowed to use blocking of objects, layers;8. The image for cutting and engraving on the sheet material should be provided in the front view (not mirrored);9. It is possible to use text explanations for order fulfillment in files.If you do not have the opportunity to prepare a layout, it can be developed by our designer. The cost of developing a layout is determined individually, depending on the complexity.
Thickness of materialThe cost of milling for 1 mp.
1mm50 UAH
2mm100 UAH
3mm150 UAH
4mm200 UAH
5mm250 UAH
6mm300 UAH
8mm400 UAH
10mm500 UAH

Why we

Aluminum Characteristics and Processing Specificity

Aluminum is a soft, ductile metal of silver color. Advantages of this material are lightness, excellent electrical conductivity, resistance to moisture, durability, anti-corrosion properties. These qualities make it possible to use aluminum and its more durable alloy dural in the electrical industry, the aircraft industry, construction, food industry. With all its positive properties, the material is very sensitive to vibrations, which causes processing difficulties. Milling on CNC equipment makes it possible to process aluminum as quickly and as qualitatively as possible.

Features of aluminum processing

Soft aluminum in the course of milling tends to clog the outflowing grooves of the cutting tool, and the chips can spoil the edge of the cut and the surface of the material, leading to scoring and dents. Therefore, for cutting, single-blade and two-jaw cutters are used, which are distinguished by a special sharpening of the blade, which is sharper and deeper. This allows better removal of chips and heat from the cutting area, minimizing the sticking of cutting waste to the milling cutter. The most effective mode of processing aluminum is high-speed milling.

CNC machining for aluminum milling

CNC milling and engraving machine provides excellent quality of aluminum milling. To avoid deformation of the material, a vacuum fastening is used to fix it on the working table. Processing is carried out automatically, which completely eliminates accidental errors of the operator, improves the accuracy of the manipulations, improves the quality of the resulting blanks. Software control makes it possible to carry out work of any scale and complexity, perform complex contour cutting, engraving. Very popular is the service of 3d aluminum milling, which allows you to accurately reproduce all the nuances of the shape and relief of the details embedded in the layout.

Proposals of PorezkiNet on aluminum milling in Kiev

Milling is performed on a professional CNC machine. Qualification of our employees and responsible approach to the task ensure a qualitative result. If you need help in drawing up an electronic drawing, our designer will develop a layout for your sketches, which, after agreeing with you, will work. Experienced masters will correctly select the tool, high-speed mode and perform the processing of details of any complexity, including 3D relief. A competent consultation on all the issues you are interested in will be provided by the manager by phone ☎ 0676695967. With him you can discuss all details of the project and calculate its cost. The price of aluminum milling depends on the thickness of the material and the complexity of cutting.