New Year souvenirs

“The New Year is racing towards us …” – this is how it is sung in one famous song. And it’s true, with the new year we have a tense expectation of a miracle, new hopes and anticipation of something good, and there is a concern for the preparation of New Year’s gifts. If we are determined with gifts to our relatives more or less understandably, based on their preferences, then everything is a bit more complicated with gifts to colleagues and business partners. Practically, every self-respecting company tries to prepare for the new year seriously and in advance, while the “preparatory” budget also plays an important role.

A traditional gift to colleagues or business partners has always been souvenir products, which carry a certain advertising role. As a rule, against the background of New Year’s motives and wishes, the name, logo or slogan of the company is always highlighted.

New Year’s gifts often represent a special strategy that should lead partners to increase loyalty to the company and its product. Therefore, when making such a production plan, it is necessary to take into account those values, the development of which is planned for next year.

The most simple and inexpensive method is the New Year personification of ready-made souvenirs. With the help of modern equipment, almost any product can be engraved with New Year images of varying complexity, wishes and necessarily – mention of the company itself (name, logo, slogan). Most often, notebooks, weeklies, cups, pens, business cards, flash-memory, lighters, key rings, as well as bottles with certain “New Year” drinks are produced in this way. Thus, it is possible to divide gifts into categories that are in different price segments (VIP gifts, medium-sized gifts, souvenirs for promo events or souvenirs for employees)

In addition, modern milling and laser machines are able to produce any individual products in single or serial production. Huge popularity was gained by original desktop calendars, sets of exclusive New Year’s toys, small calendars-magnets with the symbol of the year. All these products can be made and different materials (plastics, wood, plywood, veneer, paper, cardboard); any form (animals, snowflakes, fir-trees, snowmen, angels, grandfathers frosts), directly at our production in Kiev. Do not forget about the possibility of producing unique, New Year’s wooden cards, as well as making unique decorative New Year’s decorations for the interior.

Qualified personnel and the most up-to-date equipment, according to your sketch, will make a New Year’s souvenir of any complexity or they will put the necessary image, text and branding on the finished product. A large selection of materials for manufacturing and production techniques will help us to create a truly New Year’s masterpiece!

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