New Year trees from a tree

Christmas trees made of wood are original and practical.

An invariable attribute of New Year’s holidays for many years is the Christmas tree. It is with this evergreen tree that a festive mood comes to our house. Decorated with multicolored toys, iridescent garlands, the Christmas tree always causes delight, both in children and adults.

Undoubtedly, the living tree has one major advantage over its artificial counterpart – it is a unique fragrance that fills the house with its appearance. But the main drawbacks of the living tree will be the harm to nature, which brings massive pre-New Year cutting and a short period of its further exploitation. Therefore, many people prefer to decorate their homes with artificial Christmas trees, the more there are many ideas for making Christmas trees from a variety of materials – plastic, cardboard, wire, glass, fabric, wood and various recyclables.

One of the most environmentally friendly options for Christmas trees will probably be a Christmas tree made of wood or cardboard. A wooden Christmas tree, in addition, can be used repeatedly.

To make a Christmas tree from a tree, both new materials and materials that have already been used – old boxes, tables, unnecessary boards, pieces of plywood can come up. The design of the Christmas tree can be varied, it all depends on your imagination. It can be an ordinary pin with strips of wood trimmed in order of decreasing, just a carved silhouette of a Christmas tree from a plywood sheet, a cone-shaped construction with Christmas decorations or a more complex design with figured branches. And, thus, the tree can be made and the volume and flat shape. Further, looking at the design of the room itself, the wood can be treated with acrylic paints, varnish or leave the tree untreated. To decorate such New Year trees, the same accessories as for standard Christmas trees – toys, garlands, serpentine, plus – for the candles in the wooden branches, you can cut special grooves beforehand.

If you have very little space, you can combine business with pleasure. The output in this case will be stylish Christmas trees in the form of shelves, shelves or ordinary ladder.

Our company will help you realize any fantasies in reality. For this we have modern equipment – laser and milling machines with cnc, creative designers and the necessary stock of material in stock.

The Christmas tree made with us, will become the main object of the holiday.

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