On what equipment we work

Quality cutting and engraving services on modern equipment

Our company provides cutting, patterning and engraving services for various materials. We have production facilities that allow us to handle roll, sheet, plate materials of any size, as well as dimensional products. To perform the work, the latest, high-performance and reliable equipment is used.
In our equipment park there are three universal laser engravers, a fiber optic laser marker and a professional milling machine. High-tech machines easily cope with the processing of flat and volume blanks of various configurations, as well as with the implementation of complex and non-standard tasks. Numeric program control allows performing technological operations in an automatic mode, ensuring maximum accuracy and quality of the final product.

Laser equipment

The laser machine works in close connection with a personal computer. Moving the head of the radiator along the trajectory of the cut is controlled by a special program. A thin laser beam, thermally acting on the workpiece, causes rapid heating and evaporation of the material precisely along the cutting line. The use of a CO 2 or a fiber laser depends on the ability of the material to absorb radiation of a certain range. Gas laser engraver is able to handle most materials: wood, plywood, veneer, wood plates, paper, various types of cardboard, leather, natural and artificial fabrics, acrylics, plastics, rubber and some metals. Fiber laser machines are used for high-precision engraving of metal and plastic materials.

Universal laser engravers

Our machines are equipped with everything necessary for performing operations for cutting, artistic cutting, engraving, creating 3D products. The large-format laser machines MSL1610 (1600×1000 mm working field) are ideal for processing sheet materials without preliminary cutting, but they can also be used for small workpieces and products. For the cutting of soft and roll materials, the cellular working surface is excellent, for the sheet-type – the rack table. Processing of different materials requires certain equipment parameters, for example, a low-power plant can easily cope with cutting paper, cardboard, thin acrylic sheets, shallow engraving, but it will not be able to provide good cut quality when cutting thick, dense material.

Each of our three machines has the optimum characteristics and the necessary adaptations designed to work with a certain group of materials. For quick setup, automatic focusing, laser pointer; A powerful compressor supplies air to the cutting zone; The professional cooling system maintains the temperature of the laser tube within specified limits, preventing its overheating. All this allows us to organize the operation of the equipment around the clock, performing complex processing of blanks.

Laser Marker

The MSO20 fiber laser marking machine is designed for applying images to metals and some non-metallic surfaces – plastics, leather, wood, galvanic and paint coatings … A special feature of the solid-state laser is the fine focusing of the beam, so that the thickness of the engraving line is a few hundredths of a millimeter, and the images are clear and accurate . Using a laser marker, you can display various textual information, graphics, photos, barcodes on the surface of objects, mark products, indicating the date, serial number and other data. The marking speed reaches up to 7000 mm/s. Compact desktop with dimensions of 220×220 mm allows you to handle small parts or finished products (mobile phones, gadgets, souvenirs, accessories).

Milling equipment

Our professional milling machine MSF2030 is a whole production complex. Powerful spindle, high-precision motors, multi-zone vacuum table, automatic lubrication of guides, chip collection system – all this allows the equipment to work in intensive mode 24 hours a day. High-performance unit quickly and with the highest quality performs both cutting and milling of any flat workpieces, and processing of large parts. The size of the working field 3000х2000 mm makes it possible to produce in one operation (without displacement) the cutting of board materials of standard sizes, as well as large-format sheets up to 6 meters long (for example, composites) with promotion to the post.

Numerical control performs continuous monitoring of the task. A wide selection of cutting tools makes it possible to carry out various types of processing with a variety of materials, differing in density and strength. Optimum machine parameters, high power and processing speed allow performing operations with observance of the specified tolerances, achieving a high level of accuracy and quality of the finished product.

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