Polishing acrylic

Why polish acrylic?

Acrylic (plexiglas) is the most interesting and technological material for advertising, souvenir and exhibition products. A wide range of colors and textures makes it possible to manufacture the widest range of products, naturally provided a high production culture. One of the most technologically – complex processes with a lot of nuances is the process of polishing acrylic.

Which acrylic can be polished?

Only transparent acrylic is polished with a flame and a diamond circle. Milk, colored and special acrylics are polished only by hand, as colored additives burn with flame polishing, and when polished with a diamond circle, the circle is instantly dull.

How to polish acrylic?

How to polish acrylic (the end of acrylic plastic (plexiglas))?

First acrylic is cut on a CNC milling and engraving machine. Before polishing, cutting with a CNC machine is mandatory, as other cutting methods do not give a sufficient cutting frequency for polishing. If the thickness of acrylic is large (from 15mm), the cutting can be carried out in several passes.

Then, if the product has a rectangular shape – then polished on an automatic machine with a diamond wheel (the maximum permissible size is 1000 mm). After such polishing, the ends are ideal (as a face).

If the product is curved or has dimensions of more than 1 meter, then the polishing is carried out by a gas burner, while the edges melt a little.

If the effect of the face is not required – then laser cutting of acrylic may be appropriate, after it the edge is also even and glossy. However, there are limitations – the laser can cut acrylic up to 20mm thick and already at thicknesses, 15 and 20 the edge is strongly melted (meaning the so-called “hourglass effect” – under the action of the laser beam acrylic evaporates and a place is required for the escape of gases, slightly skewed with laser cutting acrylic). Also, there is a restriction on the size of the processed material on the laser engraver – the working field of the machine has a size of 1600 * 1000 mm.

On our own production base in Kiev, we carry out straight and curved polishing of any thickness of acrylic sheets. We do not have the concept of a minimum order! Poor work is not paid! The cost of damaged materials is compensated!

We will execute your order qualitatively, efficiently and inexpensively. We send to the regions.

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