POS and POP products

The concepts of POS and POP are often confused by the advertisers themselves trying to understand this issue.

What are POS (POS) and POP (POP) products?

What is POS (POS) material?

POS materials (POSmaterials, POS-pointofsales – the place of sale) or POP materials (POPmaterials, POP-pointofpurchase – the place of purchase) are materials that promote the brand or product at the points of sale.

POS materials include:

price holders;
display panels (Display-panels),
displays of real size,
displays with real objects,
Mobile (Mobiles),
plaster packages,
plastic barrels and podiums,
full-color packaging (Packaging),
display panels (Display-panels),
displays of real size,
displays with real objects,
Mobile (Mobiles),
plaster packages,
plastic barrels and podiums,
full-color packaging (Packaging),
Advertising garlands and wall flags (Decorations),
price tags (Pricetags),
decorative magnets;
stands for mugs;
products obtained by vacuum molding:
and other goods distributed at points of sale.
POS materials are designed to further attract the attention of customers and effectively promote the brand, product or group of products in this outlet.

Buyers, studying POS materials, receive information about the benefits of the product. Thus, due to informative and ability to attract attention to the goods, POS-materials stimulate sales. Cleverly planning an advertising campaign, you can even with a modest budget to successfully promote your product at points of sale.

What is POP (POP) material?

And to POP materials (equipment for advertising goods in commercial premises) are:

information stands;
tables for presentations;
pointers of places of sales;
metal racks;
collapsible racks;
Mats and small plates for small items;
pallets for products;
plastic shelves;
stand for leaflets;
holders of price tags,
displays for kiosks,
displays from corrugated cardboard,
mats and small plates for small items,
shelf restraints, etc.
The effectiveness of the impact depends on many factors, but, first of all, on how fully and adequately in a particular situation the POS and POP tools are used. Sales locations are divided into five functional areas, each of which uses its POS and POP materials:

– materials in the area of ​​external design;

– materials in the entrance group;

– materials in the trading floor;

– materials in the places of calculation;

– materials in the cash zone

Zone of outdoor decoration.

The means of external design include: signboards, light boxes, pillar panel-brackets, banner constructions, tablets, indexes, stelae, remote shields, pavement graphics and other structures. Their goal – to attract the attention of the consumer to the outlet, encourage him to go into it, inform him about the availability of the relevant product and its price.

Zone of the entrance group.

POS / POP materials placed on the input group remind consumers about the offer of certain trademarks, the specific type of goods at a particular point of sale.

To design this zone, often used signs that contain advertising and informing: “open” / “closed”, “from yourself” / “to yourself.” Also in this area are used promotional stickers on the cells of the storage room and on key fobs for keys from them, on trolleys and shopping carts for buyers.

The input group is very important for impact on the consumer, because POS and POP materials posted here are visible to all potential buyers.

Zone in the trading floor.

The main purpose of placing elements of POS and POP materials in the trading floor is to send a potential customer to the place where the goods are displayed. Various means are used for this: pointers, floor graphics, pennants, light boxes, etc.

Zone in the places of calculation.

On the POS and POP materials in the place of the laying, the primary responsibility for the implementation of the buyer’s choice lies. First, the buyer decides to buy the goods or not. Secondly, as a rule, there are rival products nearby, and the buyer is faced with the question of which goods to prefer. To attract the maximum attention to the product, help to lay out the goods most profitable, to inform about the properties of the goods and related special promotions – this is the task of POS and POP materials.

The completeness of the information is the basis for trust in the product and the factor that strongly influences the decision-making on the purchase of goods, therefore a variety of polygraphic products must be present at the site of presentation.

Prikassovaya zone.

The peculiarity of this zone is that, at the cash desk, the buyer has already spent his basic budget and, as a rule, estimates the total cost of purchases and the balance of his funds. That is, at the box office


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