Production of medical masks on CNC machines

In a difficult epidemiological situation caused by a coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to wear medical masks not only in hospitals, but also in public places. In this regard, the need for face masks has rapidly increased.

The company PorezkiNet is doing its best to help provide masks, protective clothing for physicians and the public. On a laser machine, we perform high-precision cutting of any fabrics and non-woven materials. The capabilities of our equipment allow us to organize the mass production of masks from spunbond and neoprene .

Material Properties

Neoprene and spunbond are synthetic non-woven materials that are widely used in the manufacture of personal protective equipment. They have been proving high efficiency and absolute safety of use in medicine for more than one year. These materials have a number of undeniable advantages, especially valuable for face masks: elasticity, hygiene, environmental friendliness, hypoallergenicity, breathability.

Spunbond is an excellent raw material for the manufacture of disposable medical masks , bathrobes, wraps, hats. Neoprene masks can be used repeatedly, they can be washed manually, cleaned with mild detergents, and treated with disinfectants.

Laser cutting of neoprene and spunbond

Neoprene or spunbond cutting is carried out in accordance with the electronic layout, which is prepared in advance. The cutting tool is a laser beam – thin and powerful. Its high temperature effect causes the nonwoven material to melt. Since the laser has a negligible diameter of the light spot, the cut line is thin. This allows you to tightly fit the pattern details on the drawing, thereby saving material. Beam control is provided by the CNC system, which monitors the precise execution of the cutting program.

Advantages of laser cutting technology

Cutting masks with a laser beam is performed without mechanical contact of the tool with the material. This means that any distortion and elongation of parts are excluded. In addition, under the influence of high temperature, the edges are sealed. Thanks to all this, the cut out elements have a clear shape and exact conformity to the drawing. High-tech equipment allows you to cut elements with high speed and accuracy.

Services for cutting neoprene and spanbond in Kiev

PorezkiNet can order laser cutting of spanbond and neoprene in Kiev. Masks are cut on high-precision CNC laser machines according to your or our drawings. Thanks a large working field – 1.6 x 1.2 m, we can also cut large parts, for example, for bathrobes, wraps. When preparing the cutting program, specialists take into account all the dimensional parameters of the elements in order to rationally place patterns on the surface of the blade. Our equipment allows you to organize serial production of masks. Qualitatively and on time, we can fulfill a large order for the manufacture of masks from enterprises and organizations that care about the protection of their employees.

You can place an order or get advice by calling 0676695967. Check with your manager for the possibility of urgent execution of orders by cutting medical masks on a laser CNC machine .

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