Production of plates

Modern business is in a highly competitive environment. The realities are that we have to literally fight for each client and the task of each company is to impress every visitor, in the perspective of a regular customer, almost from the threshold. Therefore, more attention is paid to the POS materials and the design of the input group. At the entrance to the company’s doors, an initial assessment is formed. No matter what the company does, whether it’s a small store or a supermarket, a cafe or a restaurant, a nightclub, a theater or a huge business center, it’s the ticket number from the wardrobe (or the number from the storage cell) that is the first card of the establishment.

Numbers are an excellent material for displaying various information and can become part of the corporate style of the company. A variety of shapes, colors, materials, printing methods, laser, engraving, the use of different fonts, logos, or even a small advertising offer, can turn a simple ticket into an exclusive thing that will certainly leave an imprint in the client’s memory.

Modern technologies make it possible to produce the numbers as quickly as possible while simultaneously providing high technological accuracy of the cut edge of any shape of the product and the quality of applying various information to the surface. As a rule, the production time is from 2 to 5 days.

Make such, it seems, an inconspicuous trifle of numbers – stylish and memorable. After all, as the well-known Australian writer, specialist in non-verbal communication, Allan Peese, said: “You will never have a second chance to make a first impression.”

Well, we with pleasure will embody your idea in life and we will produce to you one-sided or two-sided plastic and plastic (acrylic or acrylic), wood or plywood. we will engrave laser engraving, print, paint. You can order even very small runs.

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