Production of signage

What is a signboard? How are signboards made?

A signboard is a construction in bulk or flat design, usually located on the facade of the building, next to the entrance, which informs about the organization or enterprise that is inside the building.

The signage usually performs two functions that are difficult to separate from one another: it is the supply of information and advertising.

As a means of advertising, the sign refers to the category of outdoor advertising and, above all, it performs image function.

In fact, a sign is a hallmark of a building or room, helping the visitor to understand what is inside without going inside.

Thus, the signboard is the business card of the company, and a high-quality sign will attract customers to you.

Signage can be of various types by the way of execution:

– not light;

– light (light boxes);

Also can be divided into:

– flat;

– three-dimensional.

Not light – signs that do not have their own backlight, usually represent an inscription on the substrate. Substrate, usually plastic (PVC, polystyrene, SAN, aluminum composite panels, aryl or polycarbonate), inscription – self-adhesive films (cut-liner or printed) or colored aryl by laser cutting.

Ryms usually do not have such a design, since it is economical.

The main drawback is not a light sign – low efficiency in the evening and at night.

The most common type of sign is a light sign or lightbox. It is a frame structure made of plastic or metal with illumination. The design can be made using special plastic or aluminum profiles, glued from plastic (PVC, Acrylic) or made of a composite. On the front part use acrylic SAN, the image is applied by self-adhesive films or direct printing. Also, images obtained by laser cutting and engraving are used. The backlight is made by fluorescent lamps or LEDs.

Also, as a signboard, light three-dimensional letters are often used.

How to choose a sign? Which type suits you? Need or do not need lighting? How to make a sign? How much does the signboard cost?

All of these and other questions will be answered by our specialists. We will help you to choose the optimal design and materials, we will show you where you can save on materials. We will carry out the development, layout, if necessary – we will pass the procedure of coordination. We will manufacture it on our own production base in Kiev and make the installation in the shortest possible time. Quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Guarantee.

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