Production of stencils for advertising on asphalt and other surfaces

Since the school, we are familiar with the stencils, the stencils were with the alphabet, with different arrows and figures. Now the stencil is very actively used in advertising when it is necessary to apply the same text, advertising slogan or logo to the advertisement carrier in a short time. With the help of a stencil, you can leave a print on almost any surface and any complexity – from simple text to colorful images. In addition, to use the stencil, you do not need any special skills. “Screen” advertising can be found in outdoor advertising; for marking roads, objects, buildings; in the decoration of the interior and windows; in street art and children’s art.

Stencil is a template for quickly and qualitatively applying text or drawing to the surface. Stencils can be disposable and reusable. Disposable – made of a special self-adhesive film, which is glued to the surface (including uneven), the film is removed after painting, leaving no traces on the surface. Disposable stencils are used to apply high-quality clear drawings, for example when painting cars, or interior design. Reusable – are used for repeated advertising, for example, advertising on the street, on asphalt. They are made of strong, hard or flexible materials, mainly of plastics.

Most often, the materials for the production of stencils are self-adhesive films, plastics, fiberboard, cardboard, and the choice of material is determined by the purpose of the stencil and the way it is poured.

Stencils from the film are used, if necessary, a clear, high-quality image. Typically, such stencils are disposable

Stencils made of polystyrene (flexible, rigid material) are used when advertising on the street, in conditions of limited time. Most often for pouring is used enamel, acrylic paint or paint in sprays.

Stencils made of plastic or acrylic (usually 2-4 mm thick) are used for the convenience of sticking acrylic letters or creating voluminous images.

Stencils from cardboard are used for one-time works.

Recently, we often use PET stencils – this material is hard and flexible – it can be easily turned into a tube and its most important advantage is that it is perfectly cut on a laser machine. From it you can make a very complex and detailed stencil for reusable use.

The easiest way to make a stencil is by cutting it with laser or milling equipment. The price of the stencil depends on the material and size of the stencil and the inner composition of the stencil (texts, images)

Most often, the stencil is used to advertise on asphalt – it’s a simple, inexpensive and effective way of informing potential customers. The approach to such advertising, should also be professional, so as not to spoil the impression of informed services. Stencil for advertising on asphalt should leave a print with clear outlines, without streaks and smeared paint. This effect can be achieved by properly selecting the material for manufacturing, it should perfectly fit to the surface. In consequence, it is important and proper care for the stencil – the stencil is not recommended to be wiped with solvents, and the best option for cleaning the stencil from the paint is White Spirit.

Our company will be able to advise, select and produce for you a stencil, from the material selected by you, of any size, shape and content. Own modern equipment will ensure high accuracy of cutting and excellent display of even small parts on asphalt or other advertising space. If necessary, we can make prototyping, and simple layout of small, simple elements is free of charge.

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