Products from aluminum composite panels

Products from aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels (AKP) – a very technological material, due to its unique properties, such as stiffness, lightness, strength, resistance to temperature, etc. and the widest assortment, it is simply indispensable and allows you to solve seemingly normal but troublesome tasks faster, more reliable, while achieving unique aesthetic properties.

Initially, aluminum composite panels were used exclusively for facing buildings with hinged ventilated facades, but recently this technology has more and more applications:

– exhibition stands;

– MAFs (small architectural forms);

– Interior elements, for example: kitchen aprons, ceilings, in bathrooms and kitchens instead of tiles;

– air ducts;

– Columns;

– customer corners and information stands, etc .;

– Signboards, tablets, light boxes and other advertising constructions;

– Shells of payment terminals and other equipment;

– internal covering of elevators;

– furniture elements;

– Office partitions;

– all sorts of boxes for donations, complaints, suggestions;

– and many many others.

We make sale and complex processing of a composite (cutting, milling, rolling, manufacturing of cassettes, etc.) on our own production base in Kiev. We deliver and install. Quickly quality and not expensive. We send the carrier to the regions.

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