Shelves for shoes

Simple and original shelves for shoes made of wood

Every woman will agree that there is not much shoe. Especially considering our climatic zone, where all four seasons with different weather, the number of shoes involuntarily increases fourfold. So, sooner or later the question arises: where and how to store shoes? Especially since there are always places in the house that are not enough.

An unusual and practical wooden shelf can completely change the hallway in the house and make it a beautiful and integral part of the interior

Sometimes for the production of a shelf only a sheet of plywood with small drilled holes is required – such a shelf is sure to be appreciated by women who prefer shoes with heels.

Shelves in the form of animals or cartoon characters will be interesting for children. They will certainly be able to accustom the child to the order of shoes on his own shelf.

The shelf, made of a simple board with slots for the socks of shoes, will look unconventional. In addition, it can be attached both horizontally and vertically.

You can come up with a lot of different mobile shelves, which will be used only when receiving guests, and then hide in a secluded corner. For example, small shelves in the form of an ordinary staircase or a ladder.

And the interior in the abstract style will perfectly decorate the shelf-labyrinth.

Often, for the manufacture of a simple and original shelf, only a few boards, an instrument, skilled hands and a little imagination are required.

Our company has modern equipment – laser and CNC milling machines, for the processing of various materials and extensive experience in the production of a variety of wood products. We will help you to realize your ideas with great pleasure.

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