Supports for mini-pallets

Supports for mini-pallets

Interior items made from pallets or pallets that are often left after construction work are famous for their practicality and small price. A variety of garden furniture, tables, shelves, sofas beds, armchairs, bedside tables made of pallets can be found both in a cafe and in a home environment. However, the creativity went even further and the mini pallets appeared on the tables, in the form of original and noticeable stands (bonfires) under the cups. Stylish, exclusive stand for a pallet in the form of a pallet reduced by 10 times, decorates any table. In addition, this stand will be wonderful to protect the table surface from hot dishes and small scratches.

In addition, this stand can be decorated with any logo, picture or text and fully used as an advertising medium. Manufacture of “mini pallet” stands can be made from plywood, wood, processed wood and even from unnecessary tree trimmings. Modern equipment quickly and accurately cut the material into small plates, which later become a pallet stand. With the help of laser engraving equipment, the desired text or logos are placed on the stand. Here – the mini pallet is ready for use. For ennobling the appearance and protection from moisture, the stand is covered with varnish, wax or painted in the desired color. The dimensions, height and number of laths in the mini pallet can vary depending on the wishes of the client.

An original and practical stand for a pallet-shaped cup will be sure to be an indispensable and noticeable detail in a cafe, bar restaurant, office and even in a simple kitchen. In addition, such a stand, manufactured individually, can be an excellent souvenir, which the receiver will certainly appreciate.

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