Tablets are an indispensable attribute of the image for any company, office or organization. In order not to waste time searching for the necessary home or organization – place facade plaques to quickly find the office and the necessary employee – place office plaques and desktop signs (with name). Tablets with a semantic load carry advertising information in the form of a company logo of the company, an advertising image, or a slogan.

Types of tablets:

  • door signs;
    desktop signs (with initials, position and name of the organization);
    souvenir tablets;
    facade plaques;
    tablets with interchangeable fields;
    home-based signs;
    office signs;
    Doorplates, direction signs, or simply the logo of your company – help visitors to more accurately navigate in your office, emphasize the image of your organization, create a unified and unique style of the company.

The production of tablets uses the newest materials (Acrylic, composite panels, San, polystyrene, pvc, self-adhesive films, etc.), which are processed with milling or laser cutting, also plotter cutting of films and printing.

On the production base in Kiev we produce any kinds of tablets. Fast, high quality, not expensive.

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