Toy houses and furniture for dolls

Often densely behind their “very adult” and “very important” problems, we forget about the individual needs of their children. Of course, now there are a lot of shops, in which a wide variety of toys are represented – dolls, vehicles, designers, all sorts of development kits. But, sometimes, I want something so special and that “as not everyone” and preferably with a note of my own imagination and presence.

Now we want to introduce you to an idea that will appeal not only to children, but also to many adults – making toy houses and various interior items for them. At the moment on the Internet you can find a large number of schemes for the manufacture of houses from a variety of materials. The most popular and affordable ones are cardboard, paper and cloth, as well as various boxes and even sponges for cleaning. But such materials, frankly speaking, though easy to use – are not durable, subject to various kinds of deformations and moisture effects. Most of all for the manufacture of a reliable house suitable tree, plywood, plastic or a combination of them. If the house is intended for a child, then it is preferable to use materials from wood. Wood is not only environmentally friendly material, but also better than, for example, plastic is amenable to further decoration (painting, wallpapering, attaching interior items).

Depending on the appearance and interior decoration, the houses can be made for boys and girls. For convenience, the houses are made in the form of a book (cut), with a facade or with a roof that open. Usually “store” houses are made of durable plastic, rather simple, with a certain set of toy furniture and a fairly large price. A custom-built house will have a significantly more luxurious look, the size you need, not much to differ in price and to have a part of your soul, after all it will be made in accordance with the sketch you invented. For the design of a house or furniture for him, it is simply necessary to attract the child to whom this house is intended. Thus, the child will not only feel his own contribution to the overall work, but will also display extraordinary abilities that, of course, all children have. You can also make only the frame of the house, some necessary details or leave the house in disassembled form – then you will get not only the original house, but also an entertaining designer. This proposal, also can be useful for collectors of toys and dolls, because to buy an exclusive house for a valuable collection specimen is not so simple.

With the help of laser and milling cutting materials on our own cnc machines, we will manufacture the necessary parts from any chosen material for your product with the greatest precision. Modern milling and laser machines can cut out the smallest elements of the design, including 3D 3D shapes. And also to apply the desired drawings by laser engraving. An experienced designer, if necessary, will process a “paper” sketch of the product and provide the necessary consultations.

Give joy to your children!

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