Stencils for quick decoration of coffee beverages by original drawings

Stencils for drinks from coffee in modern latte-art

Incredibly popular nowadays is the business of selling hot coffee drinks – espresso, cappuccino, mochocchino, latte, americano, macchiato and other equally interesting names. Now these drinks can be enjoyed not only in a cafe, but also on the street in mobile coffee shops on wheels. Competition in this business is enormous, and not only the successful location of the point of sale and the experience of employees, but also the use of a variety of “chips” to attract the attention of consumers is of great importance. To decorate the surface of the drink baristas use various techniques of infusion into a cup of milk, colored syrups, drawing on milky foam with thin sticks. To create quick drawings, it’s convenient to use special stencils for coffee drinks , allowing you to apply images using contrasting powders in the form of grated chocolate, powdered sugar, cinnamon …

Using stencils to decorate drinks from coffee

Today ordinary hearts or Christmas trees already surprise nobody, the process of drawing on coffee turns into real art. Decorate the fragrant lush foam will help stencil for coffee . Make the delivery of the drink special and memorable easily – just through the stencil sprinkle the surface with any coloring ingredient, such as cinnamon or cocoa. And a cup of coffee magically turns into a coffee-milk masterpiece. After use, the device is easily cleaned and can be used repeatedly.

There are ready-made sets that can be found on sale, but in this case there is no guarantee that the competitor will not have the same drawings next. To obtain original images, you must have exclusive devices. The stencil for decorating a coffee drink can be with any picture or inscription. In addition, it is possible to make sets that are timed to specific holidays or events – New Year, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, professional or themed events.

Making stencils for coffee and cappuccino using a laser in Kyiv

The material for performing the coffee stencil can choose any flexible, thin plastic, durable and easy to care for. The most suitable food is plastic, the use of which guarantees safety for the health of customers and no problems when checked by regulatory authorities. When preparing the sketch, special lugs or handles should be provided to facilitate the use of the device. Modern laser machines perform cutting quickly and efficiently, ensuring:

  • the maximum accuracy of the image in full compliance with the specified sketch;
  • the minimum amount of waste;
  • No defect and deformation even when working with thin and brittle materials

Proposals of PorezkiNet for business to carry out exclusive stencils for coffee and cappuccino

Our company PorezkiNet offers cooperation to owners of restaurants, cafes and small mobile cafes. We will produce individual stencils for coffee drinks for your institution. You can provide your sketches or use the services of our designer, which will help in developing the desired layouts. The shape and size of the products do not matter. In addition to devices for decorating a beverage filled into a cup, we make large stencils for applying images to pastry products – cakes, pies. Also, order from us original cup holders with a logo or slogan of the institution, a pleasant inscription or a wish to the client. To discuss all the nuances of the project, you can meet with our manager in the office or contact him on the phone ☎ 0676695967. We are responsible for each project and carry out orders at a high level in compliance with all agreements.

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