Volumetric letters

Light volumetric letters – more expensive, but also more effective in comparison with light boxes, a signboard. It is a figure-shaped letters with different kinds of illumination.

There are the following common types of volume characters:

The closed volumetric letters are made of colored acrylic or glued with special PVC films, the sides are foamed plastic (PVC) or acrylic. If the letters are large, they are usually made of aluminum composite panels.

Volumetric letters with “open neon”. Stylish advertising in the style of “Las Vegas”. Most often – metal or plastic letters without a faceplate, neon tubes are located inside the body of the letter, there is also an option when neon lamps are located on the front of letters. The disadvantages include instability to vandalism, this problem is solved using flexible neon (based on light-emitting diodes).

Large letters with backlighting. In this case, the light source (neon lamps or LEDs) are arranged in letters, illuminating the facade and creating a spectacular glow (dark letters surrounded by a glowing halo). Here the main thing is not to make a mistake with the power of the diodes and the color of the substrate, otherwise all light will be absorbed and the glow will be weak. In such cases, the signboard is “lost” in the evening.

Less common types of volumetric letters:

Bulk letters with combined backlight. In this case, the light source inside is positioned in such a way as to illuminate both the front and back (contra), creating the effect of light letters soaring in the air.

Volumetric (or more often pseudo-volume) letters with an open LED backlight. On the front of the letters, completely open or hermetically sealed LED pixels, modules (clusters) or tapes are installed completely or along the contour. High brightness.

Volumetric letters from aluminum or stainless steel. Case letters are soldered or welded from metal. Depending on the type of illumination selected, a light-diffusing or transparent plexiglass, polystyrene or other special material is installed in the front or back of the letter. Such signs are more expensive and are ordered, usually, by banks or expensive boutiques.

Volumetric letters from PVC with and without backlighting are usually used indoors. PVC is painted or sealed in the right color with a film, there is also a colored PVC.

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