Wooden boards for serving dishes

It’s no secret that one of the most important factors affecting the image of the restaurant are tableware, appliances and accessories that are inherently accompany the process of eating. Restaurateurs are in every way suitable for choosing the original tableware, as well as decorating dishes and drinks. In addition to classical porcelain, which will never lose its elegance, today non-standard forms of food delivery are especially relevant. For example, in some establishments, food can be served on plates of colored porcelain or glass, or served in cast iron or stone utensils, or on wooden boards. Undoubtedly, non-standard food delivery solutions require appropriate interior design, a special menu, table layout and vice versa. At the moment, among the world of plastics and glass, special popularity is gained by the use of wooden boards, utensils and accessories made of wood for serving tables that create a unique coziness of the establishment. The most common are the boards for feeding food. They look great dishes of fish and meat, cheese, various snacks, salads, pizza, sushi and even drinks.

The boards for food are often made of oak, beech or alder. Oak has a very strong wood – the knife will not leave traces of cuts on such a board, but it will not be dull about the board either. The classical thickness of the serving board is 16 cm, this thickness provides resistance to deformation and has a small weight, which is also very important. The boards intended for food should be impregnated with oil or wax. Such impregnation does not allow the penetration of moisture into the wood, does not accumulate food residue, provides high-quality washing and hygiene, and also improves the appearance and extends the service life of the product.

Our company will be pleased to make for you a wide variety of wooden serving items – food boards, trays, cutting boards, menu covers, cutlery and napkin stands and much more.

The newest equipment will ensure the quality production of boards of various sizes and shapes. It is also possible to apply any depressions, patterns, texts and images with your own milling engraving and laser equipment. We guarantee the quality, accurate and timely execution of your order.

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