Wooden Signs

In the era of plastics, films and other polymeric materials, natural wood products look particularly interesting. Wooden and plywood advertising media attract attention, leaving a number of mediocrity.

Of course, most often wooden products can be seen in the interiors of bars, coffee and restaurants. Such signs not only draw attention, but also cause a feeling of comfort. But the use of wooden signs on this is not limited. After all, the use of natural materials is associated with manual labor and quality. Therefore, a wooden sign or plaque will be appropriate in a store selling leather products or products made from natural fabrics, and it is also indispensable at points of sale such as “HANDMADE”. In fact, the scope of the tree is huge, you must agree, because before the tree was the most common building material. And modern ways of processing on CNC machines and subsequent opening by stains, varnishes make it possible to make just a masterpiece. By the way, modern varnishes allow long-term use of wooden products in conditions of atmospheric influences. It means – it is possible to use the wooden SIGNS on the street!

When manufacturing a wooden signboard, it is necessary to take into account certain features of wood processing on milling and laser machines. Firstly, the quality of the final product will depend on the type of wood and on the engraving technique (laser or cutter). The hard wood of the beech or ash tree is the best for processing, when using oak, chips may appear at the most inappropriate places. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention on humidity, it should not exceed 8%. Thirdly, the surface should be as clean as possible, with the smallest number of knots. And the fourth is the thickness. Depth of engraving depends on thickness, although modern laser technologies allow to apply patterns even on plywood.

From the correct choice of material depends both the quality of the product and the serviceability of the engraving equipment.

So, which tree to choose for processing? Engraving is best obtained on wood, which in its properties is similar to plastic, that is, contains as little resin and nap (so the pine for engraving is used extremely rarely). If the material is intended for the image of small patterns, then for these purposes the nut is ideal. Ash is suitable for making large patterns. Maple also refers to hard rocks, it is relatively difficult to engrave, although it is fairly easy to be laser processed, and the quality of the maple products will be appreciated even by the strictest critic.

An excellent choice for a carved painting or art panel will be a birch or a pear (the pear, moreover, has a very pleasant to the touch and a smooth surface)

Alder and linden are related to soft and porous wood species, so they are not particularly suitable for machining on a CNC milling and engraving machine. Use of these materials is allowed for processing on a laser machine; or the machining process occurs when new or very sharp mechanical cutters are used.

With the right combination of wood and the required processing, the CNC machine will create a stunning wooden masterpiece without much difficulty.

You think that the signboards are expensive wood – and the same will be thought of by visitors of your establishment. But in fact, modern technology allows you to automate the process. Today, a sign comparable in complexity with that made by a woodcarver in the 18th century doing 2 months can be cut out in half a day. Another week will be spent on grinding, applying varnishes and stains and drying. As a result, a wooden sign is obtained no more expensive soulless and faceless plastic.

On our own production base we produce wooden signboards and tablets. We use different types of wood, plywood and veneer. We carry out cutting and engraving on our own laser milling machines with CNC. Qualified specialists apply varnishes and paints, choose soft wood fibers to display the structure of the tree, carry out the effect of aging.

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