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Making world maps from wood and plywood

There are many ways to give your home a unique and distinctive aura that will perfectly match your character. One of the most suitable ways is to decorate the interior with stylish elements made from natural materials. It has long been noted that the fashion is cyclical and has the property of returning. Right now, again at the peak of their popularity, a variety of decorative items and accessories made of wood – wooden frames for glasses, watches, bags, clutches, gadget covers, dishes, original tables, coasters, armchairs, shelves, maps of the world or individual states and much more.

The world map on the wall has long been an original solution that fits almost any interior. But you will agree, the paper world map on the wall will not look as stylish and luxurious as a map made of wood. The wooden map of the world fits perfectly into any interior, especially if it’s a traveler’s house or a house decorated in eco-style.

As a rule, a wooden map is made of two parts – the base and the separate continents on it. The material for making such a card can be a tree, plywood, cork or a combination of these materials. Based on the map for the convenience of the arrangement of elements, contours, continents, countries, islands, as well as the names of oceans, seas of straits are plotted. Separately carved continents can be at one with whole countries (in which case the countries of interest can be painted in different colors) or cut out along the borders and add up like a puzzle. To enhance the effect of the aquatic environment (seas, oceans), it is possible to use blue illumination. The natural structure of the tree and the combination of materials will create a unique and unique product that can not go unnoticed.

Today, you can find a lot of different instructions for how to make a similar card yourself, or you can buy already ready. Of course, a product made independently will be much more appreciated, but this process requires special creative and professional skills, as well as a lot of time. Our modernity offers several ways to implement your ideas professionally, quickly and qualitatively, even if you have very little time or no desire to master hand tools for wood. With the use of modern milling or laser technology, from any material, you can cut out the necessary sketches of any shape and apply the engraving method necessary names. You only need the required sketch on paper, in an electronic file or simply an explanation of what the designer wants on the spot.

A large wall map of the world, allowing you to mark visited countries with flags or attach photos of especially interesting places, can become an unforgettable gift for an expensive person. Also, such a map will become an interesting and informative material for schoolchildren who study geography.

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